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  1. Please, hold on just a week or two, I'm going to translate it. I may be not very good with English, and the text looks difficult to translate but I'll try do my best. With thousand of dictionaries online I should manage. In the meantime you can always play Skyrim. Thieves' guild storyline seems quite interesting (eh, I should back to work).
  2. Wow, thanks for kind words. You really stroke my ego, heh. Eee, no.. No problem. No, it's old stuff. But I'm thinking about Ygriite with furs, snow and mammoths in background. Well, send me PM (or post here so that everyone would know what's done) with an idea of something to draw. Meanwhile, I'll try to paint some general concept arts. May be some thief on rooftop ( I must practice architecture..).
  3. Hi, I have already finished core Polish translation for TDM. However I'm an illustrator/digital painter by trade. So if you need concept art, some fancy painting on FM's briefing or help with Photoshop I'm at your service. Fan arts are always good reason to paint. Oh, I'd forget... you can see my artwork here ---> http://magajaga.deviantart.com/gallery/ Thanks! EDIT: url link changed.
  4. Hi all, For two weeks I've been playing Dark Mod and I must say you did an excellent job. Even more impressive when consider it's fan-made. My congratulations. Anyway, I think I can help with Polish translation. I don't have any problems with understanding FMs' text, so translating shouldn't be so difficult. One thing, I'm an ignorant when it comes to programming, mess up with files etc. I can only write translated text in notepad and send it to you. (Sorry for my English)
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