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  1. On 8/9/2020 at 5:35 AM, stgatilov said:

    No idea what it was for.

    Right now the only FM using it is "Marsh of Rahena". It sets the rectangle to full screen, which overrides not only the background image, but also the parchment. It pops up in pretty ugly way, and switches out when you go to Settings, New Game, Load/Save, etc.

    I'd be happy to eradicate this thing.
    @ERH+, would it be OK if I remove the custom title feature and change your FM to override background instead (like e.g. in Accountant 1)?



    Yes sure, if it stands in the way of any improvements.

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  2. I have problem with modifying gui file on a inventory map during game, changing one of its subparts "visible" from 0 to 1.

    In Obsttorte automap there is "gui::gui_garden" line instead of 0/1 in the gui file, but it is controlled by the objectscript on the map entity - can I (and how) change it by external trigger? .setKey isn't working, I guess once the map entity goes into player inventory it is destroyed and replaced. Or maybe I'm using wrong formula for stating a gui variable.

  3. There is saveRagdolls command - if i remember correctly it adds an arg to all ragdolls on the map with their current joint positions. You place ragdoll as you like it, use command, and next time the map starts it will be in that position. If you have more ragdolls, you just delete an arg from them in DR.

    Can't you put a table next to the chair, drag the body from the table, and remove the table afterwards? Shouldering a body don't work with it?

  4. I know all this lava filled caves in games and movies should incapacitate you instantaneously just with poisonous gases, not to mention heat shock -and death will come minutes after. But this lava filled catacombs are a leftover from older concepts of the palace above, so it was a bit hard to just get rid of a fully fleshed out environment. This one have some magical components (mages can't close portals and the lava is pouring in), so the magical containment methods are in use, but I guess I will make a lava much more coagulated (mostly dark with molten cracks) and add some frosty draft.

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  5. 20 minutes ago, Petike the Taffer said:

    You're up to incredible stuff, dude. ?

    I suppose this will be TDM's more steampunky take on the Puppets from TDS.

    Was this, perchance, inspired by those powered armours from Fallout that are still working decades after the soldiers inside have perished ?

    No, these are remnants of a pen&paper rpg system I've been working decades ago. It was a bit like Deus Ex / Bladerunner with oceans totally filled with algae, completely clouded sky, all plants are dead and decaying biomass is everywhere, all herbivores died, so all carnivores roaming in massive swarms, attacking and taking over whole cities. There is a black hole on the surface of the sun, dead people are no longer dead due to advanced life support systems - but if you are not rich enough, your brain will be added to the pool containing thousands of other, forming a collective net, like the elders council. Few factions struggle to find and perform a solution for this disaster.

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  6. On 11/7/2019 at 11:00 PM, Shadow said:

    I know someone who plays all the TDM mods like a rabid religion and would love ?? to be a female VA. What does she need to do, simply?

    We definitely need those assets, could be just new voice set for any AI if not for player character (I think there are two female voice sets at the moment). Remember, as long as the new content appears, we all winning. ;)

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  7. This is something we could use as an advertisement, aside of maybe more transparent mission selection page: a grid of big thumbnails, name + very short description. Any picture-based web page layout, like Pinterest, have this attractiveness of picking over in a supermarket. You just rolling forward, not knowing what you want until your eye catch something. And you will forgot what you saw two minutes ago, so there is a replay value in it.

    There could  even be multiple entries for the same mission with different screenshots - you don't know what mission exactly you are picking, you just see a cool image. An interactive gallery of all screenshots from all missions reshuffled - every image with short description of the mission and a hyperlink.

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