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  1. Hi!

    My English is not very well, but I hope we will understand each other.

    My map was not beta-tested, but I see ppl already play it and it work quite well. :)

    I hope you will enjoy it, but I want to know what part of it should be changed or improved.







    Its a big building -with no fake windows - in open area, and that I can't change, but I see poor performance in few points (15 fps) and that stops me from add more details (trims, ivy). Game is freezing for sec when I cross some of visportals: first I was trying to make more visportal cells in outside area, but it doesn't improve performance (instead it cause system crash; some of portals was permanently closed).


    Texture framed_with_bricks02 in staircases seems to let a head go through when you step very close -it don't make game crash, but all visportals suddenly get open and its obviously not look good.


    There some minor problems with movable loot and rag-doll skeletons: loot occasionally sink when is placed exactly on some obstacle, and I see sometimes skeletons falls to ground in "crucified" pose -but when I touch them, they suddenly switch to proper pose as it was only hidden.


    I don't hear swimming sound at all. I hear splash when I'm near shore, but in middle of lake there is only silence


    In dmap log I have some warnings from "tree brush" or something -maybe tree shouldn't cross walls?


    Thankfully Maruda offer to translate readables, and it take a while, but I will describe in few words mission storyline:


    Guild of Inventors offer to make swamps more usable for big boats by raising water levels. It cause floods bigger as they expected, disease and hunger spread among folk. Guild pay to local duke in form of mountain crystal, and in fact they mined it on flooded areas. Your goal is to take a trip through artificial lakes and flood gates to one of mining outposts. On place you loose your boat so you must to take another way home -but first you need food rations, not spoiled water, and water level must be lowered to unhide dry way.

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