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  1. New version of the map in the first post.


    Tweaked errors in readables, fixed bugs, also few changes in the mission: now second floor have two more entries from the windows, there is more loot, one more secret. Added a short cutscene at the mission end, and a mainmenu custom screen.


    I will finish walk-through in the first post this evening.

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  2. I am about 6 hours into it.

    Got the task to

    exhume the 5 skulls and do a ritual.


    Made it to the

    cemetary, but found nothing but 5 candles.


    So, I concluded that I need a shovel and crept back to the workshop. To no avail as the equipment there is not meant to be picked up.

    What am I missing?

    6 hours?? I hope you enjoying it :blink: .


    bodies are in the cellars, if you got the key from the tree in the north-east corner of swamp, you can enter the cargo hatch. And there is a shovel too, but you supposed to decapitate the bodies and put the heads on the cementary.


  3. Thanks. The key never gets highlighted, I'm not able to pick it up. I could climb the tree.


    The mission looked promising and I liked the different approach. I might try later the bugfixed version if there will be one.

    The key become frobable when you will be told you should search for it, so maybe you need to fulfil some other objective before you can explore the cellars?

  4. Can I get some help?





    I read in the forum above the key to the cellar is at notheast from the castle. I found a halloween pumpkin there but no key yet. Do I need something before going there? I didn't find hints in the two books I have about the location of the key and the castle is too big to search randomly.





    Next to the pumpkin tree, there is another one with a horse skull, a shed snake-man skin, and on the high branch there is the key you need.




    Great mission thanks! I've managed everything except the loot total. Any hints please?

    Loot is scattered across whole building, mostly in the living quarters - often in chests, or on shelves in rooms of nobles. I will make the mission's file update tomorrow and increase value of some treasures, then post hints with their location.

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  5. bodies:


    maybe there are a bit too many plants around coffins, but right in the middle there is a shovel you can pick.



    second "lockpick":


    It is a driller, and you can find it down in the cellars, near the entrance - you have to go left behind the double metal doors.



    I'm glad you enjoying it. :)

  6. OK, now I'm stuck because I need a hint.




    I've reached the point in the plot where it tells me to find a key to the cellars and that the horseman went northwest. I found the horseman's trailer (with it's holy water potion) but no sign of a horse, a dead horseman, or a key. I've searched the immediate area, but haven't found anything else of interest. (I did find the graveyard farther away, and the guillotine farther north.)






    - prjames

    Oh dear, it supposed to be north EAST, just in the corner of accessible area. I'm sorry for this misleading mistake :excl: .

    I make it harder that it should be, shame on me.

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    I see a tunnel, the disembodied lantern and the pick axe go a short ways down the tunnel and then I see the shadows of whatever creature is right in front of my point of view go back and forth, back and forth, forever. I cannot click on anything to end the dream; eventually, I must CTRL-ALT-DEL and kill Dark Mod.



    It happens from time to time, I thought I've got rid of it. I will try to give "cinematic" "1" to few more entities - maybe the apparitions got in the way of the cutscene and something is going off the rails.

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  8. Now when we have working security cameras I was hoping to have a shooter bound to it, but it won't work (shooter don't shoot in other direction than starting one, also camera triggers its targets only when alerted, but not when resuming sweeping). Also there is a spotlight mentioned in camera's args, but I don't see any light coming out.

    Anyone trying to make a Thief2 style shooting turret maybe?

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  9. Is there anything I can do per AI class to override mines' detonate_on_actor behaviour, so ghosts can walk through/over them without setting them off?


    I can shoot broadheads through my ghost but he still triggers mines, even though they both seem to be technically projectiles. (Actually I don't mind being able to attack him directly, Thief-style; it's the idea of a ghost setting off landmines' sensors that makes him seem a bit too corporeal.) I've tried monkeying about with big_monster, clipmodel_contents, cylinder, mins, maxs, solid, use_combat_bbox, and also offsetModel in combination with these in hope of getting him to float above the mines. His materials (of those that aren't nodraw) are set to nonsolid (and noimpact). I'm guessing maybe his origin (at ground level) is involved.


    This may or may not be related to the problem Destined was having with splash damage:





    According to this wiki AI have a box defined by min/max in def file - but I couldn't find these values.



    What partially resolved the problem was adding argument "size" "32 32 .1" and lifting doors. I will make a slightly shorter clipmodel for them, maybe someone will help me get better solution soon.

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  10. Made a fully nodraw skin for AI (and it's head), changed it's aas to aas_rat, lifted doors 32 units above floor. AI still is blocked by obstacle. "big_monster""1" + "nosolid" don't work nighter. How a collision model is created for AI? Maybe different material than nodraw will do?

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  11. I tried a bit this evening, but apparently it was moe complicated than I remembered. Apparently, you cannot simply use the spawnarg "solid 0" to make the AI passable by the player. I remember that I made custom skins with custom nonsolid, transparent materials that seem to be necessary to make the AI non-solid. Without the AI will collide with the wall. Do you want me to recreate this? If so it will take some time.

    I thought my AI at submarne at some point was passing through doors, but can't find that version. Could you make a fully nonsolid AI for me?

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  12. I've checked Mother Rose and it is something more like a fire elemental, but ignoring even brushes - I was thinking about a walking human AI. I'm not sure if in earlier variants of Seed of Lodestar the apparitions couldn't go through closed doors. I have to check how they were made, and if I even remember it correctly.

  13. Unfortunately, no. I have lost all these files in my last computer crash (which reminds me to update my backup). But I can whip together a small test map this evening, if you like. It is not really difficult to set it up.

    I would really be thankfull if you could, I have no idea how to make a custom AAS.
  14. I have experimented with ghosts some time ago and found that the most effective way for me was to give the AI acollision box (and AAS) with only 0.5 units height. That way, you can leave an extremely small gap below walls and doors for them to walk through and controll that way, where the AI can walk to. It is even possible for the player to walk through them (although there is always a small "bump" over which the player walks.

    Do you have an example of such AI, collision box and AAS?

  15. I wonder if one could made a more interactive tool, e.g. one with a tray so the player can put small objects, then use a microscope. It would trigger a camera in blue room with a spyglass overlay, and the given sample could match with a patch or a model showed below. Maybe even moving mouse could move and rotate the sample.


    Btw check stereo microscopes.

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