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  1. Well it's early to say but if you guys want an audio team to oversee it on a part time (but consistent) basis then we can provide this - we will spend some time working up some plans and present them in the forum once we understand the systems a bit better. You can then decide if you want us to go ahead with them or not.
  2. That's great - if anyone is free for an hour at any point to have a Skype chat about the project then that would be really cool.
  3. Hello my name is Michael Manning, I'm a sound designer / composer working in the games industry with over 5 years of experience. I'm a big fan of the Thief series and am very excited by this mod, I played it a couple of years ago and was jolted back into it by the recent Rock Paper Shotgun article. Since playing through the mod again an area that really stood out negatively for me was the audio and I feel compelled to jump in and help out in any way I can because there's some incredible aspects to this mod and with a really strong audio presentation it'll really take off especially when it comes to releasing the planned standalone edition. From talking to Greebo I understand that the audio hasn't been updated much since 2005 and I think from a quality perspective the foley, ambience and some of the atmospherics need attention. What I propose is for me to work with my friend (who's also an industry sound designer) and for us to take an in-depth look at the current audio system and assets. We can assess what the requirements are to bring the audio up to professional standards and identify areas where enhancements can be made. Based on this data we can build a roadmap on how to achieve this and actually get to doing the work. We would need some help though as neither of us have worked with ID Tech before so we do not know how audio is implemented in the game, what the audio features are, if we can use FMOD as middleware etc so we'd need to spend some time chatting with someone here to work it all out. Does this sound like something that you guys would be interested in? I've a portfolio of my recent work over at www.manningaudio.com Thanks, Michael
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