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  1. /me yet another mapper slowly raises his hand
  2. Ok cool thanks got it, and its pretty good heh - damn I cant wait to play this! Seems how the link on the main news page doesn't work though , maybe it should be changed to the hi res version? that way the public viewers wont have to hunt around the forums like I did to find it hehe. Anyhows , what's the round about percentage on the mod right now? what's done / what's needed?
  3. heh I went ahead and removed it just in case Anyways I better go for now , gotta go find some gold and up my ac
  4. Nice work for just starting man. And thanks for the input , but i better remove the shot seems how this isnt really the place to post anything other than what would pertain to Dark Mod heh
  5. Cool , yeah looks like it could even be a good place to go see the merchant I'v done a bit of Doom3 editing myself to, but this would probably be the only thing I'v done that would look somewhat mid evil. [shot Removed by tah Rocket] - didnt want to be attacked by 50 giant orks until he level'd up
  6. Oh well then we'r in the same boat lol. I'l just hangout until everything's good to go again then /me rests for a bit before going to see the merchant
  7. Up to you man, that would be cool heh The more mirrors the better right?
  8. Oh ok , understood. cool that gives me time to wipe new screenshot the drool of my keyboard Ya know i'm sure planetdoom wouldnt mind hosting stuff like that up for you guys if needed? ok i know your thinking - what hosting drool? heh no no! , the avi
  9. Ah , that dosnt seem to work. heh when I click on the link "Dark Mod Teaser Trailer", all I see is a white page with a red box in it that says : file not found - The requested URL was not found on this server. From the given link : http://www.timgormley.ca/darkmodteaser.avi
  10. Hey and hello, First I just have to say this mod is looking really nice and I'm very anticipated to play it! nice work guys keep up your grate work! I'v been keeping dibs on your news for the past few weeks now and just noticed the update about the sneak peek trailer! wow I started to drool for a second, but for some reason I cant seem to download the avi? the page says : The requested URL was not found on this server. However I was able to download the codec. help! I wanna see this so bad! heh
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