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Found 2 results

  1. Downloads - the most up-to-date To install, place or extract the archive into the darkmod/fm folder of your mission. Schooner & Sloop - a test map containing two older mapped ships Caravel - a merchant ship made in Blender, including a scale model. The lifesize variant is somewhat overscaled in order to comply with minimum ceiling height requirements on both decks. Can be scaled down if you don't plan to give it an interior. Barouche - a posh carriage [part of 2.11] Weathered Ships - two small ships, fully mapped with interiors, available moored or sailing. The LOD scale models are already part of 2.08. [part of 2.11] Vintage Lamps - very posh brass lights for mansions [part of 2.11] [Furniture & Shelving] - a batch of models and prefabs in the furniture & shelving department [part of 2.09] [Blue Elemental] - blue variant of the flame elemental [part of 2.09] [Stagecoach] - a sturdy carriage for four [part of 2.06] [Oil Lamps ] - posh or rustic oil lamps & lanterns [part of 2.08] [Coffin] - an old coffin [part of 2.08] [Hookah ] - a waterpipe for smoking Mandrasola [part of 2.06] [Prefabs & Particles ] - a collection of prefabs and particles, i.e. fireplaces, furniture, see below for list of contents [part of 2.08] [Privy Chair ] - a rustic toilet seat [part of 2.08] Original release posts Ships Post #1 - Schooner [Variants: steamship] Post #9 - Sloop (Post #33 ingame) Post #97 - Caravel + accessories + scale model Post #123 - Brig (formerly known as the Ketch) Post #128 - Yacht Post - Merchant Additional ships in the form of scale models can be found in Down by the Riverside, but they haven't been optimised. Carriages Post #19 - Stagecoach Post #102 - Barouche A moving stagecoach setup can be found in both maps of Down by the Riverside. Note that this mission uses an older variant of the stagecoach. Lamps Post #33 - Sphere lamps Post #108 - Gas lamps collection Post #120 - Vintage lamps collection Ambients Maritime ambients (included with the Ketch) Dragofer's ambients Other models Coffin: Post #102 Altar: Post #102 Privy chair: Post #109 Hookah: Thread Office suite: Post Prefabs Furniture & shelving: Post Fireplace, marble: Post #113 Fireplace, rustic: Post #102 Statue with seating: Post #116 Naval clock Covered loaded cart Rustic bed Ship-derived bunk beds Workbench Large garden arrangement Rustic wardrobe Particles tdm_wisp - a glowing faintly pulsating orb of light tdm_smoke_ceiling - black smoke for indoor fires Original post in Dragofer's Stuff, starting from here
  2. Hello! I'm from the TTLG forums known as "beauty-man" (and yes, please don't ask, lol) I admittedly have neglected TDM community, and in recent months discovered the great work that's done over here. I'm also glad to see a dedicated audio area as well. I just wanted to add my resources. Maybe about 7 years ago, I created ambients and music strictly with Thief in mind. From there I reached out to indie game developers and such, but always liked to come back and give free work to the Thief community. Feel very free to download any game audio project present on my website presented below, and utilize them for in-game audio or simply "mood music" while you work. I provide "terms of use" in every download. I have recently given out another project last night as a small spin off my last titled "Miasma" . It's not yet on my site, but I will provide the link here. Anyway, hope I can be of some assistance. Looks like a lot of great dev's here! - Spadey where is spadey - game audio Effluvium - ambient resource where is spadey - post production
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