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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, after a long time I played again to test out the new 2.09. As my skills depleted a bit over time I felt an issue (maybe it's just a personal issue, but I want to find out if other players have the same feeling). There are many new excellent missions with good story telling and nice atmosphere. However when it comes to walking up to an AI character and trying to back jack him or her, I often failed. Either they heard me and turned around or I missed them and they ran away /started to fight me. This is where I always had to reload the game and it stopped me from feeling like a master thi
  2. I assume this should already be possible... but I haven't seen it enabled in any missions so far, and was curious how to do it. Is there a way to make guards which are knocked out (not killed) wake up after a given interval, and sound the alarm once they realize they've been blackjacked? Separately, can an NPC wake up an unconscious ally when (s)he sees one and checks the body?
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