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Found 2 results

  1. A long time ago I asked someone if they could help me with getting a Dark Mod character skeleton for my modeling project but I abandoned it for a long time. A while ago I picked it up again and finished the model. So here it is. A Mantian huntress. Inspired by the Bugbeasts in Thief 1. I had the idea that they have an insect colony type society, except where the gender roles are reversed. A single male king and a whole hive of female drones and warriors. They live in huge jungles far outside The City, but a few of them remain in the ranks of pagans. They have peculiar feet that are great for climbing trees and hanging upside down to ambush prey. They have a thin and flexible but sturdy exoskeleton and sensitive eyes that can see a wide angle. Their pinkie fingers are shaped like deadly scimitars that can stab, cut and slice with ease. Even with a normal map the polycount is pretty high. About 30k quads, but I'm sure that can be lowered with a little work. Textures are diffuse, normal, specular amount and specular color. FYI the model is not yet rigged with a Dark Mod skeleton, just a temporary one for posing. Trying to bind it to an MD5 mesh skeleton can prove difficult due to MD5 models being in a T-pose and my character being in an A-pose. Model and render made with Modo 901
  2. I am in need of an ASE exporter for Blender. I tried KatsBits ASE export, but it's so old that modern Blender versions don't even list the addon after it's installed. Someone made a thread about an ASE importer recently, but no exporter. I can export to lwo for the time being, but still prefer ase for own reasons.
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