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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking for a person willing to play through the whole Quake (1996) with me in cooperative mode. My friend and I have tested this over Hamachi and it works great (more or less), sadly he is not a fan of oldskul games like I am, so I need a new buddy. In case there are more then one people willing to play it (although I'm doubtful about that), it's ok, the more the merrier. We can see what suits you better, both Skype and TS work for me, but I prefer Skype. I will supply the link to the game for anyone who's interested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhzXKMqZBBc EDIT: Quake, along with all 3 missions packs completed with some random guy I found on 4chan.org/vr/. ^^
  2. Is there any generally any difficulty order to the missions featured on the site? Furthermore, if there isn't, does anybody have any recommendations for good missions to start with (aside from St. Lucia). On that same note, are there any super difficult missions I should save until I get some practice? Thanks a lot.
  3. This idea has been on my mind for awhile and forgive me if I've mentioned it before but... When I look at the mission list, it reminds me very much of a Media Player or iTunes song list. Some of the same considerations seem like a natural fit for this area. Eg. If TDM ever breaks over 100 missions or so, finding the desired mission may become cumbersome so a search feature might be desirable at that point. So I began to think of the big discussions about making Sotha's missions into a Campaign. To me, each mission is it's own self-contained vignette. Yes the story is connected but the events are separate enough where persistent issues like cross-mission loot and shop items don't really make sense without some amount of changes. I think most would be happy if the missions could simply be "bundled to play together" rather than integrated with persistent behavior like a "true campaign" and many other series probably would fit that mold better too. So what if you could simply tell TDM to "open mission X after I finish mission Y" via a sort of "Playlist builder" in the GUI similar to making a playlist in iTunes. Further, what if you could save these playlists as separate playlist files to be shared. Folks who aren't good at building missions could take two missions that they like and created a video that somehow merges their stories then create a 3 mission playlist (one mission is just a video) that they can share with folks. Of course mission author can issue "official" playlists too. Does this sound like a good idea?
  4. Hi, I hope you can help me with the following issue: Everytime I try to download the missionslist from the server I get: "Cannot connect to server" I allowed D3.exe to connect to the internet in my firewall. Do I have to do this for the tdmlauncher.exe as well? Do I have to open any ports or something? Thanks in advance.
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