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  1. I'm looking for a person willing to play through the whole Quake (1996) with me in cooperative mode. My friend and I have tested this over Hamachi and it works great (more or less), sadly he is not a fan of oldskul games like I am, so I need a new buddy. In case there are more then one people willing to play it (although I'm doubtful about that), it's ok, the more the merrier. We can see what suits you better, both Skype and TS work for me, but I prefer Skype. I will supply the link to the game for anyone who's interested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhzXKMqZBBc EDIT: Quake, along wit
  2. eqagunn

    Windows 8.1

    After using Windows 7 Ultimate for 4 years, I switched to Windows 8.1 Enterprise on 12th of September. I'm quite happy with it, although I don't use Metro at all. The thing is, in order to give yourself full administrator privileges (sudo) moving UAC slider all the way down to 'never notify' is not enough like in Windows 7. You need to disable Admin Approval Mode. They made it like that because Metro interface doesn't work with UAC completely turned off. You can do that through Local Security Policy Editor: secpol.msc > Local Policies > Security Options > User Account Control: Run a
  3. I have the same problem with "WS1: In the North".
  4. Hmm, I finished one quest by jumping with a body through a window. Now you tell me I exploited a bug, unknowingly? Damn!
  5. I can say this was a very good FM. The only real downside for me is that it consists entirely of undead who annoy me a lot. But generally, it's a nice FM. My experience... Glitches I encountered...
  6. Only 8 minutes for the whole map? Good job, I guess... Took me 2 and a half hours on my first try...
  7. Doom 3 engine hates Alt-Tabbing, it likes to keep focus. You can minimize your game without any third party tools using Task Manager in "Always on top" mode. This works with everything I ever had trouble minimizing. As for AutoHotKey, it's a good idea, but let's simplify that as much as possible. All you actually need to minimize an active window using AHK is this: !m::WinMinimize, A Also, AHK supports script compiling so there is no need to have it installed. You don't need it if you don't actually code in it. I have compiled this line of code using ANSI 32-bit encoding for best compat
  8. I play Heroes of Newerth now and then, less then 5 games per week I guess. Used to play it much more often, 3000 ranked matches on record. Last game I completed was Lost Mission for Doom 3. Played all Doom stuff long ago, but found out recently that there is one more official mission available that came out with BFG Edition. Had to complete it since I'm a completion addict. Games I played before that were Unreal and Unreal 2. Currently playing Quake in cooperative mode with friend, planing to go through reset of the series too. Also, I played through Lunar Legend for GBA back in August. The ne
  9. Same here, never played old Thief games. Been smacking everyone I could with a blackjack in the beginning, but the more I play, the less I want to smack them. I guess Thomas Porter series are making me let go of a blackjack because one of the objectives on highest difficulty requires you not to use it. It said: "You are not a common burglar, you are a master thief." My response was: "I'm not a common burglar, I'm a master burglar!"
  10. Hm, Springheels recommendation is fine enough, but... Why make it unrealistic for no good reason? Why not really make it that 1 gold coin = 1 gold worth? I would expect getting 12 gold worth from taking a tall stack of 12 gold coins, dunno about you guys.
  11. I was telling a friend that I started to play Lost Mission for Doom 3 when he, a Thief series fan himself, added that there is a fan-made Thief remake on Doom 3 engine called The Dark Mod. I never played any of Thief games, but decided to give it a try anyway. Didn't regret it. EDIT: I doubt I would ever stumble upon it if there weren't for him.
  12. In many games it was possible to find the hidden doors by looking at the textures, but you'll find it's different here. Thomas Porter missions have a few of those hidden doors, and they are all seamless texture wise. The only thing is that they highlight as an interactable object when you aim at them. I would also like this training mission to have objectives and to be completable. Didn't go requesting this before though as it's not a big deal. Same here, it's not hard. But yeah, doing so will leave you thinking that turning off the machine is unrewarding.
  13. In my case, crouch-jump near the pillow is what makes him slide down and fall through while waking up. Although, this trick doesn't work with Lantern on, so being in the shadow (not alerting the sleeper) could be one more condition.
  14. I just went to test that out to be sure. Crouch walking near them will wake them up, though they won't say anything, they will just stand up. But, crouch creeping won't wake them up. So yeah, I was wrong, sorry about that. At first I also thought that might be the case, but if he touches me as he wakes up, he will just push me away. I went to reproduce it and managed to do it only once out of 20 tries. But that one time he fell through, it looked like something made him "slide" a bit during the waking sequence, but while still in the lying position. EDIT: Found a way to reproduce it eve
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