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Found 2 results

  1. I was thinking if TDM could exchange data about mission's endscreens with player's account and merge all of them into one big player's score. I know it rises a lot of problems (like required internet connection and online database), but I found fulfilling general thresholds and goals very entertaining in many games, making me play them again and again even after I satisfied my initial curiosity. Of course the whole system would need a rebuild and it is not said that things will stay one way forever, but... --does endscreen shows all "rewarding" and measurable things about players performance in this new light? how different missions can be compared in unified way? --how players score could be measured?: (mission score) = (% of objectives) * (% of gold) * (stealth score) * (difficulty level) (overall score) = missionXscore + missionYscore + missionZscore +... --how it can deal with console commands like "notarget"? I could use a command and don't even remember about it, could the game recognise use of console and make a note in a savefile, and later refuse to use it in overall account score?
  2. I'm sure the idea has occurred in someone's mind before, and it's certainly made me curious: Has a multiplayer mode ever been considered? Obviously I'm not talking about DeathMatch, and players using bows and swords to frag each other and score... there are enough FPS projects designed for that purpose. I'm thinking of multiple players partaking in the same mission on a server. The most obvious way is a coop mod, where any player can join the mission and play it as usual (no attacking each other). When a player completes an objective, the objective is marked as completed for everyone. Players can form groups and go for different objectives to complete the mission faster. I believe this would automatically work for all existing missions. An alternative mode, which is what I think would make the effort worth it, are players being able to join different sides: When entering the server, each player is asked what role they wish to play. Each role changes where the player spawns, what objectives they have, and who their enemies and allies are (among both players and AI). For example, a mission can contain the two roles "thief" and "guard": Players who join the thief team spawn outside of a house which they must enter and rob, and will be attacked by both guard AI's and guard players. Players who join the guard team instead will spawn in the house and be friends with guard AI's, while their objective is to find and kill all players in the thief team. I imagine this would require greater coding and refractoring some existing mechanics though. Obviously there would be limitations and concerns to playing online. The most obvious is that saving and loading would no longer be possible, and once a player is dead they must be turned into a floating spectator. Another issue is that unlike FPS games, TDM would be more prone to trolling in an online environment. For example, if there's an objective which requires you to not kill someone, a troublemaker can do so and end the game for all players. Some players might also feel like killing everyone in sight, making others who prefer stealth feel that the game is being ruined.
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