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Found 3 results

  1. I have taken a couple of seminars, and am a vocal D&D DM and deep admirer of THIEF in its many variations. I'd like to volunteer some voice work. If you visit www.everybodyandme.com you can hear my two mini-reel demos from the seminars, and a variety of faux-mercials I've done in my home studio. No hum and clear sound, but I have gotten better with my presentation. Still this early stuff represents me well, and I would love to do a spec reading for you. I also did two web-commerials for LORE, an up and coming pdf/paper/dice RPG, and was one of many voices in the Borg demo for System 47, the LCARS software. All these are linked on my Demo page at the site. I am just getting started in this but have done voices all my life in British, Irish, Scottish and other genres. Please stop in and check them out...I would love to be able to contribute to this great project. I played hundreds of the fan missions for Thief back in the day, and was really thrilled to find The Dark Mod, because it has all the wonderful adventuring flavor of the old days! My booth is running a Spark mike with windscreen, and an AVID Mbox Mini interface. I am on ProTools Lite right now, but trying to install and upgrade to First. I've also done a variety of YouTube stuff; search on "Andre Bartmes".BARTMESS_Lore30_The Voyage_full.mp3
  2. So I'm running Linux Ubuntu and am trying to screencast The Dark Mod gameplay. Whenever I try to record, using RecordMyDesktop or SimpleScreenRecorder, the output looks like this: http://s33.postimg.org/nth33ua9b/Screenshot_from_2016_05_30_14_19_09.png I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem before.... It's sort of a pain. And yes I am running it Full Screen Thanks Oh and I forgot to say that Recording Minecraft full screen isn't a problem. So I don't think it's an Ubuntu problem.
  3. I can't seem to capture Dark Mod on dxtory or fraps past 19 frames per second, anyone have any idea what's wrong? It was working just fine a week ago, not entirely sure what's the culprit. Fixed: Fraps works fine, once you make sure your file destination is set properly.
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