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Found 3 results

  1. I have taken a couple of seminars, and am a vocal D&D DM and deep admirer of THIEF in its many variations. I'd like to volunteer some voice work. If you visit www.everybodyandme.com you can hear my two mini-reel demos from the seminars, and a variety of faux-mercials I've done in my home studio. No hum and clear sound, but I have gotten better with my presentation. Still this early stuff represents me well, and I would love to do a spec reading for you. I also did two web-commerials for LORE, an up and coming pdf/paper/dice RPG, and was one of many voices in the Borg demo for System 4
  2. So I'm running Linux Ubuntu and am trying to screencast The Dark Mod gameplay. Whenever I try to record, using RecordMyDesktop or SimpleScreenRecorder, the output looks like this: http://s33.postimg.org/nth33ua9b/Screenshot_from_2016_05_30_14_19_09.png I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem before.... It's sort of a pain. And yes I am running it Full Screen Thanks Oh and I forgot to say that Recording Minecraft full screen isn't a problem. So I don't think it's an Ubuntu problem.
  3. I can't seem to capture Dark Mod on dxtory or fraps past 19 frames per second, anyone have any idea what's wrong? It was working just fine a week ago, not entirely sure what's the culprit. Fixed: Fraps works fine, once you make sure your file destination is set properly.
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