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Found 5 results

  1. When looking through the mission downloader there’s one prominent thing I notice. Many creators try to string together multiple missions into a “campaign“ by labeling them “part 1”, “part 2”, etc. Considering the number of people who do this, I think the feature I’m about to suggest would be very helpful. First of all, one should be able to package multiple missions into one download. There should be a little indicator in the mission browser whether its a standalone mission or a campaign containing multiple missions. Secondly, the creator should be able to specify an order for missions, so that ending one mission and hitting “continue” will immediately start the next mission, including the briefing and objectives screens, like how it is done in the proper thief games. Thirdly, this will allow the implementation of the buy screen! The gold collected in the previous mission will allow the player to purchase items for the next mission from a pool the mission creator sets for each mission. This will add the items to the player’s starting equipment for that mission. Finally, a reason to steal everything that isn’t nailed down! I think these three things in aggregate would allow creators to make proper campaigns instead of levels connected by story only.
  2. I'm coming across a little annoyance periodically, which I'm sure nearly every player can confirm and at least partly agree on. When playing TDM on headphones, directional audio does not set a minimum volume for the ear opposite of the source. This means that when a sound source is to your left, you hear it entirely in the left ear... and if it's to the right only in the right ear. The first problem with this is that it's very irking for the player... to the point where I often have to look in a certain direction just to avoid noise in one ear and complete silence in the other. It's the same as trying to listen to music on one headphone only: It has an uncomfortable and unnatural effect on the brain and you feel tempted to press the stop button immediately. An additional issue is realism: If someone is standing to your left and talking toward you, you will of course hear them a bit more clearly with your left ear, but you'll also hear them with the right ear somewhat. My suggestion is a new menu setting in the Audio panel, which allows us to configure a minimum volume that a sound can be reduced to by its direction alone. This would allow everyone to set it based on what feels most comfortable to each person, as well as what type of headphones they are using. It should only need to be a small value for comfort... something like 0.05 or 0.1 volume when the sound is coming directly away from that ear. I know that directional sound is very important from a gameplay perspective; Players often use it to listen to a guard's footsteps or idle ramblings and know where they're coming from. This is why I'm suggesting a small minimum cap enough so it doesn't irk the ear, or at least having an option players can enable themselves even if it's off by default. Till then, is there already a cvar for this in the settings by chance?
  3. Good day Dark mod team, There has been a persistent issue I've been having while playing a variety of different campaigns: maps. Whenever you have 4+ pieces of map, and you have to press map button multiple times to get the one you need within a short time interval, it becomes really grating on me. I'm not sure how the game is designed, but I have a basic idea to resolve this issue. Create a rectangular object like Map1_location, which would cover a specific section of the map (e.g. first/second floor of the manor, outside, overall). Whenever player presses Map button, game checks in which location object the player is and shows a proper map, instead of scrolling through each map every time. If there are maps you can get mid level (WS2 for example), and you don't current'y possess the map of your location, pressing M would either display overall map (if exists), or static image "no map of the current location". The idea and implementation might vary, but I really think something needs to be done about the multi-map for better player experience.
  4. Good day Dark Mod team, While I was playing any mission involving undead, there was one thing that was constantly getting my attention in a negative way: zombies manually opened and politely closed doors behind them. Personally, it ruined my immersion with the level, and I could not take zombies as I was supposed to; their closing opening mechanics were intrusively distracting. As such, I have a suggestion of modifying undead AI: Zombies approach the door and open it without stopping to walk and without opening animation, and they do not close it, and it's up to player to close doors if they need. Hopefully, I'm not the only one who found current zombie AI a bit silly and somewhat immersion breaking. Sure hope it would not require to rewrite the entire code.
  5. I'm really interested in this particular project and i was wondering (sorry if it was already discussed) if you guys have considered taking this to steam's greenlight when the standalone gets released, because i really think that this deserves more attention and that greenlight is a really good place to make your game known. What do you think about this subject??
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