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Found 2 results

  1. I tried to use a few entity specific triggers, to make an interesting path network. Not working right yet, but before the map loaded I got an error: There was also the position mentioned. That was of course solved by including the entityname, to specify the entity that should trigger this Trigger. But since the 'entityname' property wasn't set from the beginning, nor was visible in the inherited properties, but is required with this triggertype, I thought to mention it here.
  2. Grayman worked hard adding a great feature for those of us making maps which I'd like to draw your attention to, several path nodes now will trigger their targets, so you can more easily start conversations, have AI comment on their environment, cause a sound to happen, synchronize other AI to move in concert, or activate whatever you can imagine upon reaching/doing these path nodes... This should allow for greater environmental interactivity and dynamics. For example, we often exploit the random targets of path nodes to have AI go different ways or offer different behaviors, to be less predictable to the player, however sometimes they'll repeat the same thing, wasting that work. In recent discussion in another thread, we realized a couple things, a path node could be made to switch, alternating between different destinations, or that random list of destinations could eliminate used routes, to add more variety. (Then when the final one is used, replenish the list.) This also makes randomizing things like loot placement or objective item goals in maps even easier (sans scripting), as you no longer need trigger_once entities, just have an AI target as many path_corners as you want, and have those trigger whatever results should occur from that random outcome, easy-peasy. What other creative implementations come to mind?
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