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Found 7 results

  1. I got the following error when building in Ubuntu 19.10: make[3]: Entering directory '/home/biel/games/src/DarkRadiant/plugins/script' CXX ScriptingSystem.lo CXX ScriptCommand.lo CXX ScriptModule.lo CXX ScriptMenu.lo CXX ScriptWindow.lo CXX SceneNodeBuffer.lo CXX PythonModule.lo In file included from /usr/include/pybind11/pytypes.h:12, from /usr/include/pybind11/cast.h:13, from /usr/include/pybind11/attr.h:13, from /usr/include/pybind11/pybind11.h:49, from PythonModule.h:5,
  2. Hi, i have trouble running TDM 2.04 on Ubuntu 16.04. I installed the needed 32bit packages (https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Spiele/The_Dark_Mod/). Also I enabled the use of 32bit: http://askubuntu.com/questions/454253/how-to-run-32-bit-app-in-ubuntu-64-bit/454254#454254 But I still get this error: andre@linuxhost:~/Spiele/darkmod$ ./thedarkmod.x86 TDM 2.04 #6596 linux-x86 Jul 7 2016 15:43:56found interface lo - loopbackfound interface enp9s0 - Intel CPU with Hyper-Threading enabled, features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 CMOVtdm using generic code for SIMD processin
  3. Moving the gamma and the brightness sliders does not do anything if I have set the Nvidia GPU in Nvidia X Server Settings, but they work with the Intel HD GPU. This is very annoying since I think the Intel HD GPU is a lot slower than the Nvidia one so I mostly use later, but if I want to play The Dark Mod (and I want to see the level (the default brightness and gamma is very dark)) I have to switch to the Intel HD GPU. What should I do to make the brightness and the gamma changeable with the Nvidia GPU. I am using Ubuntu 16.04, GeForce 820M/PCIe/SSE2(I guess).
  4. When playing The Dark Mod I can not use system keyboard shortcuts like Alt-Tab, Esc or Alt-F4. This means that the only way to exit the game is by going to the main menu and quiting there. And there is no way to just minimize it. This is extremely annoying, particularly when I accidentally click an other window after I run the game, but before it loads its window because that means that the game window will appear under the current window and it will lock my mouse and I don't see anything from it, my only option in this case is long holding the power button to turn off the computer. Th
  5. Hi. i played TDM a bit of time ago, and i wanted to re-download it, as i had to reset my pc. while i was updating, i noticed something horrifying. the download speed was 7kbs/sec! and after the file was updatd, the next one was 3kbs/sec!!! guys. i know this is a free and open source game, so you dont get any money, but i can't wait for this long! will you please speed it up at least to 100kbs/sec? (ubuntu 14.10-
  6. Hi I've recently installed Dark Mod (downloaded tdm_update.linux, made it executable and ran it). Unfortunately, when I run the game, I get no sound. I tried several things, but none of them worked. I tried: running pasuspender ./thedarkmod.x86running ./thedarkmod.x86 +set s_alsa_pcm sysdefault:CARD=PCH after checking if there is a seta s_driver "best" line in Darkmod.cfgrunning pasuspender ./thedarkmod.x86 +set s_alsa_pcm sysdefault:CARD=PCHchanging seta s_alsa_pcm "surround51:CARD=PCH,DEV=0" to NVidia and DEV=0, 1 and 3., also to default and surround51 and stereochanged seta s_driver to "os
  7. Hi! Since I am trying out ubuntu 13.04 right now, I thought that I should try installing TDM 2.0. So I checked the wiki and tried my best. As it is a standalone version now, I saved the TDM Updater (tdm_update_linux.zip) in the folder ~/.darkmod/ (instead of in a doom3 folder) (btw: why does it need to be a hidden folder?). I extracted the file, made it executable by right-clicking it (Properties->Permissions->Allow executing file as program (Checkbox)). Then I double-clicked the tdm_update.linux. Magically files did appear (also a folder 'fms' containing the training mission and tears
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