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Found 3 results

  1. The problem with the bow after loading seems to be a common bug of 2.10, I noticed it in other missions as well!
  2. HAZARD PAY 1.5 [ TDM 2.10 REQUIRED] AUTHOR'S NOTE ================================ Hello! Its been a while since I’ve released something so I figured I'd join the Connections Competition and make a stand-alone adventure to try out the new 2.10 features. ================================ DESCRIPTION ================================ This is a medium size mission with an emphasis on adventure and stealth combat. !!! WARNING !!! I recommend NORMAL if you're looking to cruise and HARD / EXPERT if you're looking to sweat a little. EXPERT uses a prototype save room mechanic and is very tough. ================================ PLAY IT ================================ Requires TDM 2.10 DOWNLOAD HAZARD 1.6 ================================ PLAYTHROUGH ================================ Courtesy of Filizitas Part 1 Part2 Part3 ================================ CREDITS: VOCALS courtesy of the very talented : Goldwell, Mortem Desino, and Yandros. TESTING by the diligent and awesome : Amadeus, Epifire, Goldwell, Mike_A, and Moonbo ADDITIONAL SCRIPTING provided by the very talented Dragofer ADDITIONAL AUDIO by the masterful Goldwell PLAYTHROUGH by Filizitas
  3. The Rats Triumphant (Halloween Contest 2015 Mission) Download links: MEGA (11 MB) ...and the mission downloader Design notes: The idea for this mission came from an old house in a side street where I go to my daily work. It had been dilapidated as long as I can remember, first as a home for beggars and some fairly disreputable people, then condemned and its windows bricked up, and now finally in the process of being demolished. As I went to my work and back, I could watch it disappear day by day, exposing its layers of construction until finally only one wall remained. But for all its ruined state and inhabitants, it had a simple elegance, and I decided to preserve it in the form of a fan mission. (more on building the mission later) Special thanks: to Bikerdude for multiple performance-related and aesthetic fixes. My playtersters, Bikerdude (again), nbohr1more and Premier.
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