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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm excited to bring you Cauldron of the Gods, the second mission in the Volta series. This mission is large, so I'd expect anywhere from 1.5 - 2+ hours depending on your play style. **Hard and Expert difficulties increase AI awareness, patrols, and amount of health potions in the level.** Version 2.2 (requires 2.08) Available in the in-game downloader or HERE Credits: Vocals: Andrew Bartmess - The Thief / Narrator Goldwell - Bellero / Drunk Nobleman Yandros - The Manbeasts Modeling: Epifire - Builder props Drdocker - Rock models **See cauldron_v1/models/model_credits.txt for full list. Music Credit: Ghast, Gigagooga, Sephy, Spadey **See cauldron_v1/sound/sound_credits.txt for full list. Scripting help: Obsttorte, SteveL Special thanks to these awesome beta testers: Bikerdude, Boilder's_hiss, Epifire, DrDocker, FinalBoss, Goldwell, Judith, Springheel New to TDM? -I'd recommend playing the tutorial and Volta 1: The Stone before playing this this mission. Stuck or having a problem? Tips: A couple screen shots: I hope you enjoy it! -Kingsal
  2. The problem with the bow after loading seems to be a common bug of 2.10, I noticed it in other missions as well!
  3. HAZARD PAY 1.5 [ TDM 2.10 REQUIRED] AUTHOR'S NOTE ================================ Hello! Its been a while since I’ve released something so I figured I'd join the Connections Competition and make a stand-alone adventure to try out the new 2.10 features. ================================ DESCRIPTION ================================ This is a medium size mission with an emphasis on adventure and stealth combat. !!! WARNING !!! I recommend NORMAL if you're looking to cruise and HARD / EXPERT if you're looking to sweat a little. EXPERT uses a prototype save room mechanic and is very tough. ================================ PLAY IT ================================ Requires TDM 2.10 DOWNLOAD HAZARD 1.6 ================================ PLAYTHROUGH ================================ Courtesy of Filizitas Part 1 Part2 Part3 ================================ CREDITS: VOCALS courtesy of the very talented : Goldwell, Mortem Desino, and Yandros. TESTING by the diligent and awesome : Amadeus, Epifire, Goldwell, Mike_A, and Moonbo ADDITIONAL SCRIPTING provided by the very talented Dragofer ADDITIONAL AUDIO by the masterful Goldwell PLAYTHROUGH by Filizitas
  4. Hello Everyone! I've been a fan of the TDM community for some time now. Over the last year or so, I've been chipping away at an FM of my own and it's finally ready for release. Volta 1 : The Stone Volta and the Stone is a fairly large Thief-style mission (Lord Bafford's Manor). It is the first mission of a campaign that follows the Thief and his encounter with an archaic and powerful force. The campaign will span from robbing noble houses to being hunted by malevolent creatures from beyond the Veil. The emphasis is on creating a mood and tone that will hopefully feel familiar to fans of The Dark Mod and the original Thief games. Available through in-game downloader. Or Download here. A few notes Dark Mod v2.8 Required Normal difficulty is intended for new players. Hard/ Expert for most of the TDM community 2+ Hours of gameplay Features lots of custom art/ sounds/ and intro video. If you are stuck or need help: Please PM me or post spoiler free in this thread. I will make an FAQ with hints as they come up! Thanks: Bikerdude, Oldjim, Taquito, Melan, and Goldwell for beta testing. Andrew Bartmess for the wonderful narrator vocals. (v1.2) Special thanks: to FinalBoss and Tins for early alpha testing. I hope you enjoy it!
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