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Found 2 results

  1. Hope this doesn't break any rules, so if it does feel free to delete the thread. I'm sure a few of you (looking at you Sotha and Shaw) have taken note of my existence so far, so I figured I'd break the ice and more or less say hello, and explain that I have a channel where I don't do voiced over commentary and focus mostly on doing minimalist stealth runs, often with helpful and educational annotations on the topic. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVIVHqDCkOnM7nAsq3Usqjw I've already done some Dark Mod videos, but I definitely hope you guys find at least one game you're interested in that you haven't heard of before now through me.
  2. Hi! My name is TanikasMisadventures I dont know if this is a right place to post this but I have done some gameplay on The Dark Mod, I find this game facinating to play (cept i suck when recording) There are different areas to explore at every turn and different stuff in each map, The guards are actually smart and need i go on? I have so much fun with this game Anyway back to the gameplay, all im asking for is comment on what i could do better, so i can better myself as a live commentator as i don't have much skill there and what i could do better if i would do more dark mod videos, i have filmed more but i don't want to put them up on YouTube as i feel they aren't worthy Heres the playlist: Thanks for reading if you did, im not trying to advertise myself, i just want comment to be better at it -Tanika
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