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  1. After watching the run's of the mission's that I've played, I feel like such a noob now XD
  2. Hahaha Requiem was the first one i did after Tears of St. Lucia XD I did complete Requiem without too much trouble though
  3. Thanks for the help! I may start with A score to settle maybe
  4. Or... I could just do all of them, it may take time. But i'm probably going to end up doing all of them anyway
  5. Hello! Tanika here I've played a bit of dark mod, the latest one i've played was called Requiem, which was AMAZING. That mission was suggested to me by Darkness_Falls So i was wondering from this community, what missions would you like me to play? I would love to put up more gameplay videos on TheDarkMod and I feel thats a game I should focus on more. I dont know, I really want to do TheDarkMod. I have been doing Watch Dogs, but its definitely this game that brings me back Anyways, Thanks for any suggestions ~ TanikasMisadventures
  6. I expected it coming Ooh! I might try to do that next then Ill do it on one whole video next time and see how that goes Nope i happen to be afflicted with a condition known as being a female, and having a preb voice, its funny using my voice in online games Thanks for all the comments and ill be sure to put them to good use
  7. Thanks for the comments guys, they do mean a lot With my commentary i understand i have to on tangents, its just hard doing so I just don't know that well how to continue talking, thus talking about the game so i don't be silent but Ill try to go talk about something else, that could be related, and see how i go I use OBS to record my videos then put them through an editor
  8. He saw me, and i ran and ran, then circled back. Theres an alternative route? I gotta replay and find it!
  9. Hi! My name is TanikasMisadventures I dont know if this is a right place to post this but I have done some gameplay on The Dark Mod, I find this game facinating to play (cept i suck when recording) There are different areas to explore at every turn and different stuff in each map, The guards are actually smart and need i go on? I have so much fun with this game Anyway back to the gameplay, all im asking for is comment on what i could do better, so i can better myself as a live commentator as i don't have much skill there and what i could do better if i would do more dark mod videos, i have filmed more but i don't want to put them up on YouTube as i feel they aren't worthy Heres the playlist: Thanks for reading if you did, im not trying to advertise myself, i just want comment to be better at it -Tanika
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