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  1. Different ball game, now you're just referring to software. I'd be interested to know how OS X organizes programs better, other than the dock which becomes cluttered anyway, given that Finder is possibly one the worst directory systems in modern computing.
  2. Prancing around about "premium products" is kinda terrible, considering Apple products are made in very much the same Chinese factories as any other consumer brand, HP for example. If people want to use them, then fine, I personally wouldn't recommend anyone I know to buy them, but don't bash other brands for being less superior, when all you're really paying for is the material of the housing and the brand name.
  3. While I have been playing on and off for some time, I am looking to improve on the way I tackle missions which will hopefully address the problem of returning to the same areas. I think I need to start planning more fluid strategies on how to collect items/complete objectives and then escape. Although, I do try to add a bit of humor here and there to keep things from getting robotic, then again, I'm not sure how other people receive that kind of behavior...
  4. Yes I'm still alive. Just a lil update, I sort of burnt out on TDM after one or two certain missions, I hope to return to monkeying around soon, maybe this week? Idk...
  5. Not going to bother paying any amount of money until I know for sure that I will like the game myself.
  6. A Night To Remember has good atmosphere in general, there is also: A Score To Settle, Alberic's Curse, Betrayal, Deceptive Shadows, Illusionist's Tower, Inn Business, Requiem and The Transaction (personal favorite). Although some of them were frustrating at the time, looking back on them I have some good memories of the qualities they had.
  7. Looks like it's time to cause a ruckus...
  8. As you've already seen, I beat you by just about 14 seconds. I'm absolutely certain it can't be done on Thief difficulty in under 6 minutes. Edit: without causing a ruckus, that is... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvjJwaD_Nsk
  9. Most welcome, stay tuned for more! Speaking of which, here is my re-run of Alberic's Curse (done in 6 mins 25 secs): I'll be putting up a video of "Lord Dufford's" in the next day or so.
  10. Hoho! Looks like I have a reason to replay one of my favorite missions to date, great time though.
  11. Just finished "Lockdown Part 1", here: Not entirely pleased with the way I ended up playing, I s'pose the objectives combined with my timekeeping threw things off balance...
  12. Enjoy being fondled at the airpor- Duh I mean, best of luck!
  13. Combat looks a little messy at the moment, but that can always be fixed. I guess we won't know for sure until we get the finished product...
  14. Skyrim is the most popular fantasy RPG, and the most well-known, naturally people will see all other lesser known fantasy games as either copying it or trying to expand on a certain element from it. For example, people saw Gothic, Risen and titles like Wheel of Time as copying Elder Scrolls, when in reality it was just part of the same blanket genre. It goes for Dark Souls also, the dark, gloomy surroundings, enemies and combat system would indicate the similarities between them, but then again that's the idea of the dark fantasy genre, mind you, the genre has been going strong for the best part of two decades or so. In my own opinion, I would say it does draw some elements from both Dark Souls and Skyrim and combines them, but I more see it as relative to Hexen. I say this because of the first person perspective on melee combat, the ability to cast projectile spells and use items to manipulate the state of play, also, from what I've seen, there will be puzzle solving, something which Hexen went a little insane with.
  15. Early access should be available by this Autumn, according to them.
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