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  1. Hey guys- Here's something that we all wish we would have seen over at the Ion Storm Forums..... First of all, a semi-tribute....
  2. blackjack=stealth blackjack all the way.... Splinter Cell and Hitman are entirely different genres of gaming. The thief's main focus isn't murder, it's getting in and out with the goods without being detected. Once we stray from this formula we lose the character of the Thief series. If you ahve never played Thief, go and get Thief:TDP... the original started it all and hasn't been topped (IMO). I reloaded Thief:TDP the other day and have been playing it with fresh new eyes and ears. One word comes to mind.... PERFECTION! I cannot believe just how perfect the overall experience was in
  3. If any of you guys have seen the 1984 David Lynch movie "Dune" which was based on Frank Herbert's novel of the same name you will understand that some of the visuals in the movie were absolutely incredible. I just wish that the movie tranlsation from the book was equally as stunning.... Anyway, the design of everything in that world was great. There was a group of good guys (clan Atreides), a group of bad guys (House Harkonnen), and in between were people like the Mapes, the Navigators and the Bene Gesserit witches. So, many different factions, like in Thief. I thought that maybe some
  4. Very cool! Nice to know the weather can have an affect on the sound. Just being a sound geek! I hope any of those articles helps. I'm no mathematician but basically understand most of the formulaic equations. Better you than I! But, from what I read direct would be better for outdoors and diffuse for indoors. See if it seems the same way for you as well....
  5. The official definitions I found of the two are as follows.... Diffuse field-a sound field in which the sound pressure level is the same everywhere and the flow of energy is equally probable in all directions OR Sound field in which the time average of the mean-square sound pressure is everywhere the same and the flow of acoustic energy in all directions is equally probable. Although, I liked this definition best.... The area in a room with multiple reflections equally probable in all directions. So, it sounds like it's kind of diffused in a way that almost makes it impossible to h
  6. Here, here Darkness... well said... let them hear our outcries.... Money and voices work!
  7. Alright, just throwin' my two bits worth in here.... Granted, the Steam thing is a pain in the ass and many people were disappointed by the game itself. Who wouldn't be after all of the hype that was published and built up over the past few years waiting for it. But, you must realize that making a warez version of HL2 is still stealing. If we want to teach them a lesson simply sit this one out and don't buy it.... If it's so terrible then don't play the game and, at the same time, let your conscience sleep well at night. I say this because I know what it feels like to have work stolen
  8. Hey Rottenberry (love the name!) I'm Saxmeister, people usually just call me Sax. But, welcome to the forums! If you are trying to reply to someone else's post make sure of a few things.... 1. you are correctly logged in, which it looks like you are since your name is showing up and it allows you to post 2. make sure you are actually in the forum thread you want to respond to 3. look at the very top and very bottom of the displayed threads. There are two buttons that do exactly the same thing that say "ADD REPLY" and at the bottom is one called "QUICK REPLY". You can use either. Q
  9. BTW, I found an archive of hat designs through the years. Here is one hat from 1790 that closely resembles what may be the design for the hats. Just sharing again.... Ignore the sound guy.....
  10. I like the "hanging from a string" idea. I was leaning toward doing that with the legs but wasn't sure how it would look. Verl cool idea... Now, if we had to have fighter versions of these guys (kind of like the Keeper Enforcers in Thief:DS) then they could look a bit more like the warriors they are. I was thinking of different "classes" within their guild or group.... like the first sketch would be a leader or boss like Orland was in the Keepers in T:DS and the second sketch (here) could be an assassin of some sort.... I still like the idea of them only controlling from the background
  11. Here is a sketch of my take on what could be a leader from "The Order". Definitely a darker and moodier bunch than the wimpy Keepers... I do like the idea of a dark mafia that isn't really involved in a hands-on way, but moves the story line along by shifting balances in the background... Possibly someone who floats and can cast spells like the shamens and priests of T:DS but not one you would actually fight.. remember, we don't fight with The Order.... they just control us!!!! I couldn't decide whether to have solid white eyes or almost black shiny eyes.....
  12. Okay, revised chain fx... NOW WITH MORE PROCESSING..... These should hopefully sound more realistic and like T1/T2 fx_chains01_rev1.ogg fx_chains02_rev1.ogg fx_chains03_rev1.ogg And, I chopped and pieced some wolf sounds together to get a distant howl fx. howl3_mono.ogg
  13. Okay, now try the link... I edited the last post I did and fixed it there as well... sorry! trippystring2.ogg Also, here's something for The Scary Place possibly. The loop has a little click at the end that I'm in the proces of fixing right now, but I wanted to get feedback before I finalized it.... l7lowambient_loop.ogg Hawk, I'll process the chain sounds mor eheavily.. sorry... I'm such a wimp when it comes to special effects.. I never use enough...
  14. Ghost chain rattling sfx fx_chains01.ogg fx_chains02.ogg fx_chains03.ogg This one I wasn't sure what to use it for... city ambient sound when you first start? maybe when player gets killed? I'm not sure... listen and you decide. trippystring2.ogg
  15. Okay, more sfx for review..... sorry to bombard everyone!!! Clock ticks.... maybe these could be used as ticks for larger clocks in a level like the mansion.... clocktick_60_loop.ogg clocktick_120_loop.ogg clocktick_30_loop.ogg
  16. Okay, more junk I'm doing right now..... Clock ticks for the mansion and other misc. places.... Bells, bells, bells.... Clock tower bells, church bells, clock bells, etc. Loot pickup, new objective Ambient music for The Scary Place, The City, and Underground/Caverns/Sewers Wind sfx and revisions on previous samples....
  17. Sounds good to me..... Do you want me to do it or can you handle it easily enough right now? Still working on it.... I can make it shorter if you'd like.... no problem! Oops! Sorry.... got a little excited there.... Ah, I was just messin' around and it sounded sort of neat. I didn't even think we had any creature growls in the game, but thought I'd share.... I'm on it... I'll post when I get that tweaked.... Sorry, wasn't sure if we should design a longer loop or if the sound engine did a lot of the looping. I think T1/T2 did that and used shorter loops that were p
  18. A few more sound samples for review.... I've been working on some of the loop samples that could be used for a mood setting when entering an area of danger or interest. These smaller samples are looped but faded in and out by the sound engine. [url="http://www.myersmedia.net/darkmod/amb_loopL7.ogg"]ambient loop - amb_loopL7.ogg[/url] [url="http://www.myersmedia.net/darkmod/amb_substr01_loop.ogg"]ambient loop - amb_substr01_loop.ogg[/url] [url="http://www.myersmedia.net/darkmod/amb_underground.ogg"]ambient - underground[/url] [url="http://www.myersmedia.net/darkmod/amb_wind.ogg"]a
  19. I don't know about the FTP site, but if the file is small enough you could e-mail it to me and I could host it on my site for the forum. -sax
  20. Hey Dark, Very cool about the different levels of high airy stuff on the waves. That would work out great for being at different distances from the water! Another option would be to muffle it more through EQ and do the "underwater" effect cranking up the bass and low mids while sloping off the highs. Just another way of doing it, I guess. It's always good to have options! And I'm open to learning because we are always students of our art! The example file I posted in the T1/T2 Sound thread was actually a bit weird to show, sorry! It was a similar sound on both channels but with a del
  21. The swirl tests really do add a certain "sparkle" to the sound fx. Using Sound Forge I don't get the same effect?!?!? Weird. What software do you use for sound editing, Dark? I really enjoyed all of the sfx, especially the ambient hum sounds. Great stuff! Nice sparkle to them and really warm sounding. The machine sounds are good as well. The only thing I can say about them is to make the file sizes smaller. I know you were probably making the files loop so that we could all hear what they would sound like in-game, but sounds like the machine_pump_1.ogg could probably do with cuttin
  22. Excellent concept art... I'm drooling! That would be a beautiful scene....
  23. Agreed that sound should have different volume levels, but with the footsteps there hasn't been much difference in volume between "walking on carpet" and " walking on tile". Of course, the tile is heard more clearly simply because of the nature of the sound... more high-end transient sounds that carry much better.... but it would have a slight raise in volume level. This could be a good indicator to the player that they are walking loudly. But, on carpet the volume woul dhave to be louder simply so the player could hear their own footsteps. Again, it all comes down to what feels "right" i
  24. Definitely...... I don't think we've said it enough... EXCELLENT job on the trailer. It just grabs you and forces you to pay attention wholeheartedly. Nice inspiration for us sound guys as well. Great job..... Thanks for putting a very professional face out for the rest of the world to see.
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