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  1. Is there someone is engaged in russian translations? Can it happen that we will duplicate each other's work?
  2. Hello Guys, why there is no russian FM translations.
  3. Hello Echelon. To be honest I don't really want to translate, I just started to play a mission Saint Lucia, and experienced discomfort with reading books, because my english is not so good. I want to get comfortable with the mission playing, so I decided to translate it for myself and normally finish that stupid mission... i mean good mission. But i can translate one or two more cause I love the Thief series and I like your work, but it would not be so fast, cause i have not much free time. *Take also a look at this: http://forums.thedar...stem-important/ * - heh Echelon, it's so hard for me to read all this stuff... at least tell me what it should pay attention there.
  4. *xdata\readables.xd should be placed in fmname.pk4 (not _l10n)* - this files in their place. I know about commentary function and translate just text in quotes after string-numbers. .lang file is not ignoreg, briefing and object-names translated properly. Its only readables... There is no russian FM translations at this moment, maybe because of some problems with fonts or something I can give you russian.lang file for testing.
  5. I thought script fm_translate.pl should work properly. And i have no README.txt, xdata\briefing.xd, xdata\readables.xd files in my fmname_l10n.pk4, is it necessary, what should contain README.txt? I just take english.lang, copy to russian.lang and translate all strings including readables-strings there, all string numbers stayed as they are. In game briefing translated properly, problems only with readables.
  6. Of course, but still why books stayed in English, is it my mistake or something with Cyrillic support? I did everything according to the FAQ wiki-i18n.pl.
  7. Hi I tried to translate Saintlucia FM to russian with i18n faq on the wiki page. So I created russian.lang and translate everything there and in game everything was translated but all readables stayed english. –°an you give me some advice.
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