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  1. da bin ich mir noch nicht sicher ich fänds n bissl komisch, wenn ne Taverne oder Kneibe oder was auch immer nen Namen hat, der die Kundschaft beleidigt sollte besagte Lokalität tatsächlich in Hafen- bzw. Flussnähe liegen, könnte die Intention des Autors ja tatsächlich gewesen sein, mit dem "Gull" darauf anzuspielen, das "labouring" hat dann wahrscheinlich was damit zu tun, das es n Arbeiterviertel ist oder so vllt sollte man einfach mal den Autor fragen, was er damit gemeint hat, um die Übersetzung sinngetreu zu halten
  2. das ist Latein schrecklicher Körper
  3. mein alter nick war Corpus Fatalis
  4. mein alter nick wurde mir von meiner kleinen schwester gestohlen, da musste ich umdisponieren
  5. found this http://wiki.thedarkm...s_Damage_Things, tried it out but it doesn't seem to work , donno
  6. this hub thing isn't that bad at all, it only doesn't fit in the way pusianka intented it here it could be quiet nice if for example someone would build an own campaign (if ever) and wants to include this feature but I think it shouldn't be made as for example in Thief 3, I think: - the hub shold be rather small - it should extend from mission to mission, so you don't always see the same - you should have a profit from going there, for example you can find a map for the next mission or unlock gadgets for the pre-mission shop like gas-arrows or something - it could be optional like you can go there and accomplish e.g. the above mentioned things or just skip to the next mission I think in such a way it may work, but as I said only in an own campaign, so its more an idea that may never come true
  7. liegt diese Kneipe oder was auch immer in einem Hafenviertel oder am Fluss (wegen dem gull) vllt solltest du den Erfinder des Namens fragen, was er damit eigentlich zum ausdruck bringen wollte
  8. reminds me of my work as a math tutor of course you are right, no necasserity to make things more complicated as they are but at least some people will be able to arrange with it, I think and maybe its better to just let them try it out instead of scaring them off by telling them it is all to complicated (or maybe not, I don't know)
  9. I think we misunderstood each other. I said "a little bit scripting". I dont say that everybody shall learn everthing in perfect. I'm not a good scripter myself (and a terrible mapper). I also prefer everything packed up and ready to go. But if its not there I dont think other mappers couldnt handle something that another guy just prepaired and is willing to explain, so they had at least only a few things to change to adopt the whole thing to their mission.
  10. "Zum arbeitenden Tölpel" bzw. "(Zum) Arbeitertölpel" wäre auch noch ne Möglichkeit
  11. But that's right mappers also have to learn how darkradiant works, how to create good looking areas out of simple geometric forms and so on so why not a little bit scripting (and baking pie, man I have to learn this )
  12. this has to do with performance I think in doom 3 itself the physics never occurred crappy to me, this is something coming from the new gameplay enforced by the mod
  13. everything you mentioned can be bypassed via script even the force-thing referring to the second case the main problem may be that the code than gets quite large by packing it into a script object as you said may leads to the point that the mapper don't has to bother with it, but at least the necasserity (I'm pretty sure I spelled this one wrong) of such mechanics rely on what the mapper really wants to accomplish staying on the easy script level forces the mapper do deal with scripting, what is in my opinion a good thing as it never hurts do learn something new the code I've posted earlier e.g. is pretty short and simple so I guess even a "non-scripter" understand how it basicelly works, don't you think
  14. in reply to your funny picture the first case don't work but I could implement it. but I'm not sure this is necessary the second case works as you described it but you described it wrong in this case the weight that 'll be at work on the plate is not the sum of the masses of the crate on the plate and the plank I mean the mass of the crate be at work on the plate but not the full mass of the plank its only a part of it depending on the angle of the plate so if you really want a realistic working scale ...
  15. nice idea. I'll thinks about it
  16. or maybe not (completely) tested it the trigger is activating the script every 0.016 seconds so I didn't meant 80 but 60 times per second (so close )
  17. you could simply set a spawnarg on each trigger_touch that holds the name of the platform/trap it controls and than use the entity getEntity() method to refer on it i will try this and post the results I know as I mentioned before the have to be turned of if not needed, so this is only an problem if you have 50 traps in one single room the only case I could think of this is if you have lots of them on the floor like a find the right way minefield I guess in either case this can be bypassed with intelligent scripting I'll try to add this all AI and the player has a mass "spawnarg" and I guess most of the moveables either if not so, the mapper could just add it like to here more (this is meant serious, it helps) it would be nice to have just a single entity that handles all these and maybe I will try sometimes to get into the SDK but I guess it will take sometime before 1.08 and therefore 1.09 is released and Sotha and me seems to be the only one who want to use it soon so I guess it wont mix things up to hard P.S.: regarding to your pm send me what you have
  18. Keine Ahnung wie fest das mit "Die Werker" ist Aber habt ihr schon mal über "Die Steinmetze" nachgedacht Ist das auch geschützt Ansonsten könnte man an Stelle von "Hammeriten" auch "Hämorrhoiden" verwenden Da auch überlegt wurde, wie das gemeine Volk die Builder nennen könnte, wie wäre es mit "Knittel", das heißt soviel wie Knüppel der Schläger
  19. there is an error on the triggers on_turner and off_turner delete the spawnarg "wait"
  20. traptest.pk4.txt ok this is a zip file containing the map file the script file I've added two triggers (trigger_relay) to turn the trigger_touch-entities on and off they are called on_turner and off_turner this can be turned off in the main method (just putt // before $sys.trigger($off_turner)) the mechanism is now turned on for 0.1 seconds and than turned of for 0.2 seconds and so on I didn't saw a difference in behavior, hope it works
  21. I am not permitted to upload the pk4 here (it's only 2kB!!!)
  22. what I also wanted to add, but I think you may thougth of yourself is, that the trigger_toch entities and therefore the whole mechanism should be only turned on, if the player is nearby, at least if you want to use several of those thing (could be easely accomplished via info_portal) on my machine the trigger_touch entity checks for touches eighty times per second i guess on low end machines this could cause performance problems you could also trigger them on and off from time to time to save performance (if you don't know how I could add this to the test.pk4)
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