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  1. here's the page with fan music from thief 1/2 (as well as original music): http://www.thief-thecircle.com/media/music/ going through it, I couldn't find anything sounding anywhere close to medieval...
  2. http://soundcloud.com/peppe-frana/la-bionda-trecca-landini
  3. I've also clicked a bit through SoundCloud, there is also some interesting stuff there, although it's not easy to find. Examples: http://soundcloud.com/peppe-frana/istampitta-isabella -17
  4. Yeah, it could work, though after listening to it for a bit I'm beginning to grow tired of it's "midi" sound. I mean, not only it is sampled, but also midi-sequenced, not performed, with no manual adjustments to dynamics and expression...
  5. here is another resource: http://musopen.org/search?q=medieval For example, a sequence of not one, but several tunes, any of them IMHO can easily fit into the game: http://musopen.org/music/piece/916
  6. ok, I'm exploring some more resources with royalty-free music. here's a site of a guy who recorded a bit of music you might like (i think it is sampled, but still sounds quite good): http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?keywords=medieval&Search=Search it seems when downloading, you get better quality than playing back from the site.
  7. Of course it could be a nice and easy way to go, if the authors would provide their permission. But considering that we are not allowed to use any trademarked material from the original game, even the characters' names, I doubt such a permission can be granted. Maybe I'll try to record select pieces with my keyboard and samples for the original instruments. Cannot promise any useful outcome though, as I am quite an amateur as a performer, and this multipart thing is quite challenging. Also sampled instruments may or may not sound natural, hard to tell in advance.
  8. I agree, one wouldn't tell from his recordings that by his main profession this guy is actually a programmer, working for IBM (as his page states). As one who tried this, I can tell it is unusually hard to record a multipart piece one part at a time, so that it'd stay at sync and sound good. And he's done tens of pieces like this set for everything from 2-part to maybe 5-part.
  9. Nice one! Despite originally it is a madrigal (a popular medieval/Renaissance secular vocal genre), this indeed sounds much more like a dance, at least in this instrumental setting.
  10. 5. http://www.jsayles.com/music/hahn.mp3 6. http://www.jsayles.com/music/dec2010/Volte%20CCX%20-%20Praetorius.mp3 I hope you or someone else will make a use of these pieces.
  11. 3. http://www.jsayles.com/music/fst.mp3 4. http://www.jsayles.com/music/feuer.mp3
  12. Ok, from your feedback I figure you like dynamic dance-like multi-part instrumental pieces. I must admit I agree with OrbWeaver, the best way to satisfy all these requirements is to either purchase license or produce the tunes in a professional studio. However, if you are willing to consider the non-perfect options, I think there is some chance to find something appropriate on the net. Personally I was very glad when I found Jon Sayles' site, because it features so many completely royalty free recordings in a close-to-professional recording and performing. I think some pieces from there could fit the game and give that "background feel" that you seek. That is, if having guitar playing parts of different instruments is acceptable. In any case, they are certainly better than no pieces at all. So, here is another list I've made of Jon Sayles' recordings involving dynamic dances: 1. http://www.jsayles.com/music/mylady.mp3 2. http://www.jsayles.com/music/schaerfertanz.mp3
  13. if you could elaborate a bit more about your preferences for the music, maybe I'd be able to help you find it.
  14. Apparently, there is 2 links to media files limitation here, so I'll post the 3d one in this additional message. http://www.jsayles.com/music/browning.mp3
  15. Hi, I've been looking for some early music for the game, so I'll be sharing here if/when I find anything. Of course I'm looking for royalty-free music only. So here, for the starters, comes the site of Jon Sayles. He recorded great many early music on guitar (most of it is mixed multi-part recordings). His site: http://www.jsayles.com/familypages/EarlyMusic.htm Some tunes I liked and found suitable (didn't have time to go through all his repertoire yet): http://www.jsayles.com/music/drummer.mp3 http://www.jsayles.com/music/whatchild.mp3 [adaptation of Green Sleeves]
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