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  1. I also never used torrent since tdm_update.macosx worked for me - just don't forget that official TDM sites provide TDM1.08 binaries for OSX at the moment (AFAIK). Running TDM under a debugger (e.g. gdb or lldb) is not necessary for playing (as it will slow down TDM) but a great thing while reporting a problem.
  2. the 161803398874989's instructions above look good to me please do test them and consider giving some feedback afterwards...
  3. please note that using /Users/USERNAME/downloads/darkmod/ is not supported yet... make sure to use /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/ for everything instead and try (cd /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/ && ./gdb.sh) again. also make sure that TDM can overwrite /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/game.dylib ps: /Users/USERNAME/downloads/darkmod/tdm_game03.pk4 should be the one from my archive (TDM servers may provide binaries for TDM1.08 at the moment)
  4. Well, it is possible but not an easy task since some things were easier to fix in a quick and dirty way :-( Therefore, i would prefer to do it after testers check and confirm the status of the current beta version of my osx-port. BTW, are you aware that you have many third-party sources in your codebase that are currently ignored by Scons-scripts in favor of system-wide installed libraries on a Linux host machine? Which also implies that it will be a pain to build TDM on a 64-bit Linux machine without installing 32-bit build of some versions of some libraries...
  5. Strange... i have got no crashes on two different OSX machines running under 10.7 (recent Mac Mini) and 10.6 (old Intel Macbook Pro)... i would like to get feedback from more testers before i start digging into it. ps: in case of a reproducible problem, please also report the output from gdb.sh after switching to debug binaries (both links).
  6. Anybody with a Mac should be able to build binaries starting with the sources from my repo.
  7. Well, it works for me... My respect to TDM Core Team - everything seems to work just out of the box! For lazy testers, I have uploaded some binaries: follow: http://forums.thedar...post__p__302111 but look for TDM2.OSX10_7_i386.tar.bz2 Sources are in my git repo, currently in the branch: TDM2.00_OSX_PORT_00 . Note that i was forced to use clang for compiling - read osxBuild.sh for more details . Have Fun!
  8. Hmm, thx! I have completely forgotten about +set fs_basepath "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod" and assumed it to be the default setting With this setting i get pretty good console output (via ssh connection). I will have to test it on my testing machine. ps: preliminary fixes are in my bitbucket repo.
  9. I will check. Although, it may be the base path where D3 looks for game directories (e.g. base/ AND darkmod/ ). besides, i would expect 'not found' error message in case of such a problem... ps: for reference TDM1.08 starts with the following output: TDM 1.08 #0 MacOSX-universal Dec 8 2012 18:15:55 loopback IP: ... NetMask: Found Intel CPU with Hyper-Threading enabled, features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 CMOV doom using MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 for SIMD processing. enabled Flush-To-Zero mode enabled Denormals-Are-Zero mode ------ Initializing File System ------ Current search path: $HOME/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod .../Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_wood01.pk4 (293 files) .../Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/... .../Library/Application Support/Doom 3/base .../Library/Application Support/Doom 3/base/pak008.pk4 (3 files) .../Library/Application Support/Doom 3/base/... File System Initialized. -------------------------------------- ----- Initializing Decls -----
  10. Hi guys, i managed to build the core executable :-) Unfortunately it is useless as it is now since it only outputs the following (while showing the starting TDM graphics): TDM 2.00 #0 MacOSX-universal Oct 29 2013 06:28:00 loopback IP: ... NetMask: IP: ... NetMask: IP: ... NetMask: Found Intel CPU with Hyper-Threading enabled, features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 CMOV tdm using MMX & SSE for SIMD processing. enabled Flush-To-Zero mode enabled Denormals-Are-Zero mode ------ Initializing File System ------ Current search path: $HOME/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/ File System Initialized. -------------------------------------- Unknown command 'vid_restart' idRenderSystem::Shutdown() ----- Shutting down GL ----- FIXME: Sys_FadeScreen FIXME: Sys_UnfadeScreens ----- Done shutting down GL ----- I18NLocal: Shutdown. Sys_Error: Couldn't load default.cfg About to exit with code 1 Program exited with code 01. No stack. Any ideas how to dig it out ASAP?
  11. It is good to hear that you are also working on a TDM port for Mac OS X. What is you progress so far? Do you publish your changes?
  12. Ok. I tried to use the present scons build system and managed to produce libgame.dylib after fixing some issues (sorry, not yet pushed to the repo) :-) Why, i wonder, ONLY x86 bit cpu architecture is supported and 32 bit host machine is assumed during the build process? Does this mean that there will be no 64 bit build of TDM? Further on, what is the point of GLimp? GL-logging?
  13. Yeah, scons scripts do not support MacOsX at the time + sources have to be fixed in order to be compileable under OSX. i will be pushing my rough fixes to the bitbucket repo i mentioned before...
  14. Um, could you please check whether i still have read access to malex984@svn.thedarkm...vn/darkmod_src/ (as i got it shortly after the release of 1.08)? Thanks.
  15. My git repo (https://bitbucket.org/malex984/tdm/) is a bit out of date right now but i will update it soon. This repo is private but i can invite any bitbucket user as a collaborator - please register and let me know your nickname there. ps: Alternatively, i could make this repo. public, but i am not sure about the current policy of the TDM core team with respect to the mirroring of the official SVN repo. Please let me know if it would be Ok?! Besides, as i was out of touch for quite a while - what about an official git mirror for TDM?
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