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  1. Hey malex, nice work (again)! I had it up and running on your 10.7 build with the content from this torrent. Should be same as everyone elses. This far I've yet to discover any in-game flaws, for me it looks the same as 1.08, which is great. The restarts of the client to activate different FMs still doesn't work but instead crashes it and manual upstart is required. Also, it'd be nice to get the application as a single .app container without the need to drop it in Application Support. But that's smaller potato Cheers! Specs: MacBook Pro 8,1 Inte Core i5, 2,4 GHz 8 Gb RAM Intel HD 3000
  2. Next major is still far away I suppose?
  3. Least I can do I guess, although I'm not very apt in compiling.
  4. I know that since the developer team has little or no access to Mac machines it's been hard to get Mac builds up. In the past, at least in the case of 1.08, users has been contributing builds themselves. For 1.08, malex984 did the work to get it running pretty much flawlessly. Can it be done again, for 2.0 this time? Anyone else with the skills up for it? Also, congratulations on the new release! Milestone stuff!
  5. Perhaps the game can be released on Steam and regularly, DRM-free.
  6. @freyk You know you may as well symlink the other way around? I did as such: #!/bin/sh TDMPATH=$(echo `dirname "$0"`); #| sed -E 's/([ ])/\\&/g'); APPDATA="$HOME/Library/Application Support/Doom 3" FM=$(cat "$TDMPATH/darkmod/currentfm.txt") mkdir "$APPDATA"; cp "$TDMPATH/darkmod/Darkmod.cfg" "$APPDATA/$FM/DoomConfig.cfg" cd "$APPDATA"; rm "$APPDATA/Doom 3.app" rm "$APPDATA/base" rm "$APPDATA/darkmod" ln -s "$TDMPATH/Doom 3.app" "$APPDATA/Doom 3.app" ln -s "$TDMPATH/base" "$APPDATA/base" ln -s "$TDMPATH/darkmod" "$APPDATA/darkmod" exec "$TDMPATH/darkmod/TDM.app/Contents/MacOS/Doom 3" +set fs_game_base darkmod +set fs_game $FM
  7. Seemingly mediaWiki don't accept markdown so linking look a bit off.
  8. Fair enough. Only downside I can think of is that people still would think it requires some other game and don't bother to download.
  9. Once TDM goes standalone it's no longer a mod right? Is it still going to be called The Dark Mod?
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