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  1. Thats the company I order from. eAbsinthe.com sells the La Fee Verte absinthe. The Bohemien is a joke and is not that good, but I order the Parisianne stuff all the time. Infact I need to pick up my latest order tomorrow at the post office. It is really expencive but from what I have experienced it is well worth the money.
  2. Oh sweet absinthe. I wish I knew about this stuff sooner. Sparhawk you should go get a bottle. I believe they sell it all around Germany. Gave me some "visions" of how to layout some code I was working on... and the rug is looking amazing.
  3. Visit eAbsinthe and order a bottle of La Fee Verte for yourself. I tried this stuff on Thanksgiving and I fell in love. Now Go Dance With The Green Fairy!
  4. Hey I would like to personally thank you for your help on the doom3world forums for various questions I have asked. Thanks for the support and the help! Good Luck on your mod!
  5. Phil

    Patch V1.1

    Saturday, August 14, 2004 id Software Keynote Comments 14:16 PST | RosOne QuakeCon would not be the same without John Carmack's traditional speak to the fans. This year he couldn't attend because yesterday his wife Anna Kang gave birth to their first child Ryan. Instead of him standing on the stage and talking to the crowd a DVD was recorded and played back during the event. Many exciting topics were covered such as the next generation hardware, id's next engine, Quake 4 and more. After that a Q&A session was held with some guys from id Software. Here are some details: The SDK should be released a few weeks after the patch comes out. Pre-production of the DOOM movie has begun in Easter Europe. The next game will be a FPS, mainly a single player game. Nothing more has been revealed yet. The Mac version of DOOM 3 still requires some work. No release date yet. There is no publisher set currently. The Linux server is done. It will be released soon. More keynote coverage can be found here at AMDZone and at HomeLAN Fed.
  6. Phil

    Patch V1.1

    They said it would be out a few weeks after the offcial patch release. Soon...
  7. Phil

    Patch V1.1

    I'm sure most of you know but for those that don't the first official patch for Doom 3 is out.
  8. Phil

    Irc Server

    Hrmmm.. good question.. heres the deal: I made the server for Team Chat. i.e. only for the team members to use so they could have one central place to talk in real time. The other thing is when we have meetings we don't want just anyone joining our room (even the password protection on IRC servers can be compromised). Lastly I had nothing better to do until the rest of the team was organized.
  9. Quake 3's Source was never released. Wolf 3d, all of the Doom's, hexen 2 and Quake 2 have. We are discussing Game Source, which is the source that comes with the SDK's, not the full engine source itself. From what I have read. Quake 3 MIGHT be GPLed by the end of 2004.
  10. I posted the license agreement to the quake 3 SDK a little while ago and I believe that everyone had read it. Sorry to tell you but you are a little late. The Doom 3 SDK will be released most likely with the same limited license agreement that the quake 3 SDK was...
  11. Phil

    Wanna Logo?

    I'm osrry but I need to say this. What kind of Thief would be carrying around a huge sword? Too much weight, clanging against objects, that makes alot of noise. Thief 3 had the more realistic thief with the dagger... I say go with the dagger, it makes more sense then a sword. "Remember, your a thief not a murderer, don't kill anyone"
  12. You should really backup everything that you have onto CD or DVD. If you don't have a place to put it all I could give you some web space to store it on.
  13. EVERYTHING, released for free, under the GPL.
  14. Phil

    Irc Server

    I've setup an IRC server at for all of us to use. If you want nick reservation e-mail me your nick and a password for it so there are no imposters. Enjoy and have fun. -Phil
  15. All mods that are made are under the GPL, General Public License. I feel that all of you need to download the Quake 3 Game Source and read the agreements and install it to check out the code. This will give you a better idea of what to expect since from the beginning I could tell that none of you have actually modded for any games besides Thief before. This would be a really good idea. You don't get to choose a license, ID Software chooses it for you. If you make a mod for an ID Software game you HAVE TO release it for free, no questions asked. If you want to sell your mod then you need to buy a license to the engine and produce it all yourself and find your own distributor. I really think before you all get too involved that you need to take a few steps back and take a look at the agreements for ID's other game source that they have released. Quake 3 Arena/Team Arena 1.32 Game Source
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