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  1. I would definitely buy a t-shirt if ever made
  2. 3 will go on sale again somewhere sometime I'm sure
  3. Just installed it and moved nothing to test it. It's running in 1440 and no problems so far in training mode. It just might work as is
  4. I read that you shouldn't install tfix to your thief gold if it's in program files/steam. How would I move the game out so I could install tfix? I've never moved a game out so I'm totally lost Edit>: Just read as long as as I shut down steam and disable updates it will work as is. Is that true?
  5. Downloaded 16 so far, debating on more
  6. Not unzip them, then place. Just move whole file into fms folder after downloaded correct?
  7. Are there any links to these? I've only seen a couple. And do any of them explain on where to place them once downloaded and such?
  8. Then I better start downloading some missions What would be the must haves, in short order?
  9. And concerning the dark mod, do I need to be online through steam in order to play it? I'm going to be losing internet for a while so was just curious about that
  10. Then gold it shall be it seems. Does anyone care to recommend the "must-have" mods for gold?
  11. Steam just put the series on sale. My question is which one is better..Thief gold or deadly shadows? I already own metal age so I wanted opinions on the others
  12. I can't thank you guys enough for doing everything that you do. Granted I'm kinda new to thief, but this mod group makes you feel like you're part of a select family of sorts. I can't wait to engage myself into hours upon hours of gameplay courtesy of your excellent work
  13. I see that, I will like being a part of this community Now when it's all done downloading, will there be an icon on desktop to access the mod or how would I get to it?
  14. Last question I swear I'm about to buy doom 3 now, my question is is it ok to buy the expansion pack with it also? And by buying that it won't mess up me getting the mod to work correctly?
  15. Ok, thank you for the help. I will get on it tonight after work. talk to y'all soon
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