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  1. A little like a simulator, isn't it. I'm thinking about military-used sims that armies use to train recruits. You play a sim to get a feel of how things work in real life, and while RL cannot be modelled up to every little detail, most of its mechanics can. When you lose in a sim you sometimes can look at a recording of your actions and see what you did wrong. I'm not saying TDM should aim at becoming a sim, only that simulators are somewhere between traditional Thief and your idea.
  2. Amazing. It makes T3 look like a bad joke. I'll be showing these to a lot of friends, it's great advertising for the mod.
  3. Hungarian looks really interesting. If I recall correctly it's not even an Indo-European language!
  4. Some of this stuff doesn't sound like it could feel well in the background. But EVERYTHING here sound really professional and cool.
  5. DS is one of the most boring games I've ever played. I honestly don't understand why people play this, there are so few choices to make in that game, it's like watching someone else playing.
  6. sah

    A Suggestion..

    Well... An ideal situation would be to include different types of bows, and you could then choose which one you'd like to use before a mission. I don't know how much work this is, but it surely won't hurt the gameplay.
  7. http://crystaltips.typepad.com/wonderland/...the_house_.html Either he has a twin brother speaking for him on all the panels/interviews, or maybe all his failures are bad design decisions - and he's not a money whore, just a developer that makes mistakes. Don't we all? Try to understand the man.
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