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  1. Geez Toe - I had no idea. Why didn't we get you to help with T2X? The sexual tension between you and Avalon could surely have been put aside for the greater good...
  2. Yeah - I don't want to add anything new. If you guys need some side stories, sub-plots, or even extra random readables, I can churn that stuff out pretty steadily. I also thought it might help to have another set of eyes checking for plot consistency, grammar, etc. unless you've already got someone. Just let me know if you need anything really - I'm willing to do the grunt work.
  3. Heh - the main problem with Deadly Simplicities is that it's mostly off the cuff - no time to really develop anything deeper. Then you're stuck with whatever you did the previous chapter and if it sucks (i.e. the political references) you've got to work around it instead of being able to fix it. I'm working on the TDP parody right now and trying to at least have a rough outline of the plot so I'm not writing myself into a corner constantly. Thanks for the compliments though!
  4. Fett from TTLG here. I'd love to help out with any writing, character dev, spell checking, etc. for the Dark Mod. I did about 50% of the principal writing for cutscenes, briefings, and in-game texts for T2X which should be out before you guys get down to brass tacks on the hardcore writing (???). I also wrote the parody 'Thief: Deadly Simplicities' which can still be viewed on pg. 2 of the Thief Gen forum at ttlg. Don't currently have a copy of Doom 3, but I'll be picking it up. I can send some samples, or would you rather just check out T2X? I have a bit of administrative experience from work
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