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  1. he said someone with Visual Studio (didn't say which version it'd have to be or if it'd have to be VS NET) and Maya 6.5 could recompile it. The source for the Doom 3 Maya importer is located here
  2. No, not yet Can't understand wtf is happening with it. I also contacted iddevnet about when a 6.5 exporter would happen, they said they wont be doing one anytime soon cause they don't have maya 6.5 yet. Suggested for someone in the community to recompile it. I would but i wouldn't have a clue how to. I'm eager too , but I haven't had much spare time recently, i've been rewritting my auto rigging script mostly.
  3. This isn't Unreal engine. It's Doom 3. Menus, weapon readouts, monitors and HUDs are done with GUIs (a far better system than any other for creating such GUIs).
  4. ah i remember Constantine's walk animation from Thief 1. Man it was terrible! :lol:
  5. Same crash. This is getting freaking annoying. I'll try again when i get home and reinstall doom 3
  6. the dll's in the base directory. In the doom 3 console (in the game menu). i typed exportModels urich (well, expor+tab+space+u+tab+enter). Just then i tried the same thing in Radiant. Same crash the def should've had the destination directory all set up, right? This was in the def: options -sourcedir models/mymodels -destdir models/md5/ulrich. I creaetd a mymodels dir under models, and a ulrich dir under mdoels\md5. Texture doesn't matter, right?
  7. I did the env variable at home, but forgot here. Tried it and it still crashed. Also, at home when it crashes doom 3 just crashes and no messages come up. At work, i get a maya fatal error and it attempts to save the scene in a temp location in an .ma (i sometimes get this same error whe using maya when it crashes). BTW, i never had a problem with Deep Exploration and getting it to work with maya files. Had a problem with it trying to get it to work with max files though. Oh yeah, it's version 1.0.1282
  8. Crashed *sigh*. I put the MB files in the directories according to the def file, btw.
  9. No, i don't have access. You could email it to me to tbrooks@bluetongue.com
  10. Fu-uck oDDity, what version of Maya are you using? My version 6 is 6.0.1. Maybe the version 6 MayaImportx86.dll only works for 6.0
  11. Ok, i think my copy of Doom was buggered. R_gamma wasn't doing anything and in radiant, there were a ton of error messages. My copy at work seems to run everything fine. So i'll reinstall it when i get home. I'm gonna do an exportModel test with my work copy in a bit...
  12. ATM, i just want to be able to export without it crashing. BTW, does anyone know how to prevent the desktop becoming so overbright in the event D3 crashes?
  13. Can someone just give me a quick run down of how to get an animated model from Maya to Doom 3. Like what you need in the maya scene, what you need in the Def file, what you need to display the model in doom 3, etc. ATM whenever i try exportModel with a def file of just 1 model and 1 anim command, it crashes (and fucks up my desktop, what's more. You know, just like when you have doom 3 windowed and the desktop is super bright). It's a maya 6 model and i'm using the maya 6 importer dll.
  14. Ok, i think you're making this a little more complicated than it aught to be. You'd only need a flowing curtain if it's an unfolded curtain near an open window. If it's a curtain that blocks rooms (like they had in that level in Thief 2 where you're casing the joint), or is a tied up curtain, or things like hanging ropes, chandeliers, or any hanging thing, it needs no animation and an AF would be easy to use for it. And then we could possibly get the AI to recognise and notice usually still objects moving (say you move through a curtain and it's still swaying when when the guard comes and he could get suspicisous). A nice thing about Doom 3's AFs is that they don't keep flopping around the place like other rag dolls. They become still after a while.
  15. Sure, i can use 6 (6.5's improvments are more in the modelling and performance and rendering side. Although the new constrain blending feature is really handy. And you FINALLY specify a custom playback speed in frames per second), but it'd be nice if someone were to recompile it for 6.5. Who knows when/if iD will do it.
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