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  1. Oh of course I do have ASC II as an option. I'll probably have loads of Q's eventually but this helps alot for now, thanks Alright, exported ascII, placed it in the proper folders and it came up in the obj list. Although it is all blue right now, using .tga and .dds textures which seems to be the norm, believe I've got all the path names and whatnot correct. I got a lamp zipped up, anyone care to take a look and tell me what's wrong?
  2. hmm, I didnt see it in the export list, will have to look again.
  3. Crispy, that would be awesome. Last night I got as far as improting and exporting a dm5 mesh and anim(no keyframes). Had to add 2 bones to my lamp to export (like the wrench has) I also noticed that all the objects seem to be ase and lwo format. Unfortunately I have Max5 which doesn't export LWo and I've never heard of ASE files. Accutrans will import LWO but not export. Anyone know of a freeware conversion program from 3ds to lwo? I've been DLing pages of the Wiki and will keep at it, I have limited time so I'm sure it'll be a few weeks before I get much done. I did play with D
  4. Awesome, I'm down. I've been doing a bit of stuff for T2 lately- high poly- that I'm about to release. But I don't see it getting much use. I'll package some stuff up and send it to you guys, you can check it out in T2 for now I guess, I still have to successfully port something to D3 before I make any promises , got the exporter though so it shouldn't be hard. If you want or need anything specific let me know, at the very least I could model/texture and send a 3ds file. I'd love to work off some comcept art as most of my stuff is just ground up in max with just a foggy idea of what I want
  5. Hey Komag, wondering where you've been. (Schwaa here-time for a name change) I haven't been lurking, just waiting until I had a computer that could actually run D3, just got the game and imported a few models and anims into Max last night to play around. My first mod is going to be a Doom one, gotta get rid of those 6 sided pop cans, they look like Crisn@p. Then I'll start working on other stuff.
  6. Sorry I only read the first few posts... Although I like the light gem I think the ring idea is very cool. I'm just now playing D3 and the one thing I think is really cool is similar. The fact that you have to use the flashlight as a seperate tool to see into places where you need to shoot. Same idea somewhat, if you are busy looking at your gem it'll take a moment to ready a weapon.
  7. Hey guys, new to the forum. I didn't think it would lead me to DLing an Oblivion Mod. Although my new machine runs Oblivion pretty darn good. Anyway, the reason I did sign up is that I just dropped $10 on Doom3 now that I can it, my system handles it great and I am bored with Dromed. I was interested in polycounts so... Interesting that Dram says object polys should be about 250, hopefully this engine runs higher polys than that. I'm installing the SDK today, unfortunately I put Doom3 in the default Program Files folder and have to reinstal. I have been pushing upwards of 1500 polys on
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