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  1. WoW has changed a lot from what it used to be since the release of The Burning Crusade. People used to raid to get PvP gear. Now that there's the arena, that's where they go. People still raid, but it's not nearly as much as it used to be. Plus, I think Blizzard dumbed down alot of the bosses just so people can see them. From what I've seen, there's at least 1-2 guilds on each server that's killed Illidan. I may have not looked at every server, but that seems to be the general theme. Once a guild can get past Kael'thas and getting the coordination down for Vashj, it's pretty much smooth sailing to Illidan.
  2. Most games just change a few values when difficulty goes up. HP of enemies, damage of their guns(more), damage of your guns(less), and other things of that nature. I've always thought quick-saving, or being able to save anywhere, has toned down difficulty. I hate checkpoints, but they do add a type of difficulty. Like FarCry on whatever the hardest difficulty was called. You'll never be satisfied by anything. Ever. People won't play a game that only 1% of people who play it can beat. That's not fun, that's more of a job that you pay for. You have my pity.
  3. I'm just sayin' that's what I've been told. I find the whole concept of the Wii gimicky, though. Not many people agree with me on this.
  4. There was a lot of water to shock people, and a lot of oil spills to light on fire. This was pretty cool, but I rarely used them. Very, very rarely would I find any more than 1 person in a puddle, or near some oil to make it worthwhile. <3 that wrench though. When? Probably once they started comparing Bioshock to Metroid Prime 3 as the best game ever. I was told this by a friend, don't know if it's true. But Metroid Prime is probably better.
  5. I can run Oblivion and Stalker at maxed settings. Oblivion I tweak to get a bit more out of it.. I didn't play the demo, but I've heard that the demo isn't exactly like the actual game. Furthermore, the demo is merely the first stage of the game. To introduce you do the game. You keep focusing on the part where you fight people as they come to you until you can get away. There's only a few of those in the game.. It's nothing major. The respawning people will speak of is if you clear out an area, leave, and go back sometime later there will be more baddies there. I played the game on hard. Ammo wasn't very abundant, baddies took more to kill. This is why I fell back onto the wrench and eventually used it for the rest of the game. It's the best weapon there is: no ammo and there are plasmids to upgrade it. And he said "Find a crowbar or something." Little referance to Half-life.
  6. I just saw this thread and in reply to a few posts about C#.. It's not that bad. I'm pretty much forced to use it, as it's what's used in all the classes I take.. But I find myself missing C++ while using it. Plus, a friend who works for the Collective(Episode 3, Indiana Jones) has to use C# to work with the 360. Or is what he told me. A little bit of a factor there, I guess.
  7. It's not that graphically intensive.. I played it maxed out and Source gives my computer a harder time than Bioshock did. I honestly don't know what the hub-bub is all about. It's not the best game ever, not by a long shot. Nor the best FPS. Nor the best anything... Average at best. I will give it that it's longer than most games these days, but not by much. Maybe I was expecting too much.. :\
  8. On the subject of architecture and the like, are there any of those ... ruin-type places like in Thief 1 going to be in the TDM? Or support, or whatever. I enjoyed those missions. Was always curious about the people who built them.. Sorry if this was asked before and answered.. I just haven't seen it yet in my long time of scanning.
  9. The only thing I found 'scary' about the Cradle was the sense of dread, as explained earlier. People have touched on this a few times in this thread. There was an FM I played years ago. I forget what it was. 7th Crystal? It's been too long and I've played too many. I believe it was the same setup, no one for a long period of time(maybe a few guards) but you'd find some notes about how this man and woman, who had a child, were having difficulties? As I've said.. it's been too long. But when you finally find the key to the kids room.. I just had this huge sense of dread. I sat there, staring up at this room. The stairs up were completely dark.. so all I was able to see was the exit.. which was a dark-ish blue, I believe. I was so sure soemthing was going to happen.. I think I went and tried to do more of the mission before ever venturing into the room. Something like this is why the cradle was good, despite what the architecture looked like. It built up and up this sense of dread. I remember the knocking on the door scared me almost as bad as the kids room I described above. sorry if it's a little ramblish. I tend to write things as it comes to me without any regard for cohesiveness.
  10. You're reading way too into the word card. To prove my case, I will now show the system requirements of a game that came out in 1995. Stonekeep SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM PC REQUIREMENTS 8MB RAM 1MB SVGA video card 2X CD-ROM Sound Blaster or compatible sound card Mouse Keyboard Notice the word card there? Yea... Furthermore, I believe X-Fi is recommended simply because of HD-sound stuffs. I don't know if any other cards can pump out HD.. but this just a guess.
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