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  1. Thanks a million guys. The Dark Mod is woking very fast and glitch free on 64 bit Chakra ( Arch ) linux on my machine with no added libraries whatsoever. I just extracted the installer into /.doom3/darkmod/, right clicked and made executable,clicked open terminal here in Dolphin and ran ./tdm_update.linux. I extracted the mission files into /.doom3/darkmod/fms and they play just fine through the normal Doom3 mod menu. Very, very nice - thanks again
  2. I sent them an email as well , it dosen't much matter as long as word gets out .
  3. I slipped along a link to LinuX-Gamers and they have Thief's Den on their front page , check it out - http://www.linux-gamers.net/
  4. I'm just on the other side of Kensington - not too far out of the way and not too urban . If anyone's interested I ran the mod on LinuxMint ( Ubuntu Gusty with extras ) because it already had libdevil in the default repos .My E17 desktop ( from http://e17.dunnewind.net/ubuntu/ ) makes the best use of my hardware . I have some screenshots at http://my.opera.com/peispud/albums/
  5. I really enjoyed playing this on my Linux box . The audio , artwork , and general look and feel were spot on . I turned all my settings up to max and it still played smooth as silk . I realize the short sword is being worked on , but prefer using the blackjack or broadheads anyways . This is Thief the way Thief is meant to be , I'd gladly trade my copy of TDS for the Dark Mod and pay twice the price I paid for the former . Excellent work guys .
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