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  1. The keys certainly took some space. A key ring would be great. I do confess to collecting keys in real life ;-) The game play with side quests was bang on. If I had to replay this, I'd leave all of the AI standing and go straight for the scroll to release the undead :-)
  2. Thank you for this mission. It is one of my favorite TDM missions to date. It looks and plays great without the need to wander aimlessly around or consult the forum for help. Inventory buildup was a slight pain, but that was it. There was always something to do or explore on the way to completing another task. This one was fun.
  3. Great job on this small mission. It's certainly primed for a part 2.
  4. Honesty, I loaded the mission and it looked very blocky in an old time DOS gaming kinda way, then story and building interior took over. It was a very fun and well put together mission.
  5. This one surprised me. I very much enjoyed it. Thank you ?
  6. Sorry, I was so excited to progress, I overwrote the save. It did crash many times on the original save as soon as I started to move. Letting it sit seemed to have fixed some weird sound problem....
  7. I finally worked around my crash problem and finished. Job well done - this was very enjoyable. I think I'm missing a few secrets, one chest, and the objective to help out the servant girl.
  8. OK, this is really weird. I loaded my last save, but had to run outside for 10 minutes and left the game active. Low and behold, I can now advance. I made a new save and here's my full console dump... brian@brian-System-Product-Name ~/darkmod $ ./thedarkmod.x64 TDM 2.07/64 #8079 (8079) linux-x86_64 Apr 12 2019 18:24:35 found interface lo - loopback found interface enp35s0 - ################ Found Generic CPU, features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 tdm using MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 for SIMD processing. ------ Initializing File System ------ Current search path: /home/bri
  9. The save games are too large to attach. The game has been updated to the last version with ./tdm_update.linux.
  10. Done. I was enjoying this mission. I hope this isn't a new thing with the Linux version of Dark Mod. Sound has been problematic for some time now. Linux Mint and Manjaro are the only distros that give me working sound as it is. So far this is the only map that crashes outright.
  11. I get a crash at the same point in this map, every single time, making it unplayable. I'll post this here as a bug report, as requested..... ----- idImageManager::EndLevelLoad ----- WARNING:Couldn't load image: textures/mcity/mcityplain6 WARNING:Couldn't load image: alembic_grey WARNING:Couldn't load image: models/darkmod/props/textures/candle_a_redheart.dds WARNING:Couldn't load image: models/darkmod/wood/panels/panel_vase_painted_white_ns WARNING:Couldn't load image: models/darkmod/props/textures/vic_diningchai1_local WARNING:Couldn't load image: models/darkmod/props/
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