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  1. Exactly. I didn't expect anyone would want to actually want to read a 200 page mystery novel written by yours truly. And for what it is worth...I don't recall that particular book being particularly "central" to the plot either... I can't help but wonder if you may have missed or misread a readable somewhere along the way? As far as being "unfinished", well, I intend(ed) to do a sequel. And yes, I'm on my umpteenth attempt of that sequel... Regardless, I'm under no illusions that this was close to a perfect mission, or that every prop and plot device fit together perfectly. I found that a telling a story through a TDM mission is actually quite a challenging feat: (1) Players may not find readables/clues in the order you expect them to (2) They might not even find things you thought were obvious (3) They might completely misunderstand or read too much into a clue (I tend to do that as a player) This is in addition to the enormous amount of layout, design, and general "mechanical" work that goes into making getting the mission to work at all. This includes even small missions (which this was intended to be from the start), especially for beginners that are not familiar with all the tooling required to build a mission. If anyone hasn't had a chance to try making their own mission...try it! It is a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun! By the way, this isn't an attack on anyone that disliked my mission or thought it could be improved; just realize that the cost of admission was free.
  2. Excellent mission, fairly compact, but lots of little secret compartments to find. I particularly liked The one thing that made it quite difficult was I encountered an odd bug as well: I admit that my "solution" to this mission amounted to giving out a lot of headaches and making an tidy little body pile of instead of trying to tiptoe around the whole time. Ah, well, sometimes that's way it goes
  3. Thanks! You're talking about the `dark_redwood` material, correct @Springheel? If so, there is still the matter of the smooth marble that started this whole discussion. Can this skin also get fixed for 2.08? I'd be happy to submit the change myself, but I think the asset definitions are part of a private repository.
  4. What is the fastest way to determine that?
  5. @STRUNK Oh yes, I'm definitely missing the `dark_redwood` from the media browser, same thing with the marble.
  6. There isn't a tga file for smooth_marble_white01, but there is a DDS file for it in the dds folder inside of `tdm_textures_stone_flat01.pk4`.
  7. Here is the infamous glowing bookshelf. This is the `models/darkmod/furniture/shelves/bookshelf_wide01_alt` model with the `mansion_dark_redwood` skin. Problematic texture seems to be `textures/darkmod/wood/boards/dark_redwood`. Applying this texture to a brush also reproduces the same glowing effect. Shame, really, just based on the renderings in Dark Radiant this wood looks really nice.
  8. I've run TDM successfully in fullscreen under Fedora 30, 31, and now 32 with an AMD Radeon RX 580 using X11. I suspect TDM doesn't totally work under Wayland; personally I'm using X because of some other programs that got very angry when running under Wayland, so I had to switch back to X to get things working. It should be easy to toggle over to using X; you can just switch it on the login page with the little gear icon. Do you happen to have a multi-monitor setup? For me, I had to go into the system display settings and disable my second monitor when playing TDM fullscreen. Otherwise it goes into a weird windowed mode. Doesn't necessarily sound like the case here, but just in case that tidbit helps someone else...
  9. Nope, no warnings about it from from what I can see. For what it's worth, this is the map I'm using to repro this. I'd be curious to know what others see when they load this up. Edit: Even more interesting, is that some sides of the brush have this weirdness going on: bug1.map
  10. No, the problem happens well outside of frob distance (and the entity isn't even frobable). I was kind of thinking this was a local issue as well, except that I can reproduce this on completely different machines; the first place I noticed this were some problematic bookshelves when I was working on In Danger of Judgment on an old laptop. I'm mapping with a completely different computer now, fresh installation, etc, and still it seems like I have the fullbright problem for a few of these skins. Let me see if I can find the bookshelf that was giving me problems.
  11. Full-bright and semitransparent describes it perfectly. These are all textures or skins that were defined by the base game, not custom ones by me. I heard at some point (I don't know if this is true) the assets for the base game got broken out into a bunch of different pk4 files. I wonder if some materials defs got lost in the transition? Just a stab in the dark here, with nothing to guide me but a full-bright semitransparent basin.
  12. I've had a similar problem before, and I never thought to ask what was going on, but does anyone know why some of the skins/textures cause this odd glowing effect? The above is models/darkmod/decorative/vases/cup_marble with the `cup_marble_shiny` skin. I've had similar problems in the past with some of the statues and a bookshelf skin as well. Is this a bug in the game itself? Just a bad material with a messed up normalmap?
  13. What a cool mission, just finished it! Only found 4 / 5 secrets. There was one rather confusing part: And then, just as far as mapping goes, the lighting and soundscape was superb. The waterworks were particularly impressive, especially with the reflective water and electricals. Very good use overall of combining modules with custom brushwork and certainly something I'm aspiring to do more of in my next mission. I'll be excited to see what you come up with next!
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