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  1. So glad you liked it! I've started working on the second mission in the series, and have a lot of the external design work done. Still a lot of details to fill in; in contrast to the first mission, the second mission in the series will be relatively larger and more complex. No particular timeline, but I'm sure I'll be leaking some screenshots here and there.
  2. Wow, thank you for the kind comments everyone, I'm beyond words! And thanks for the walkthrough video @Cambridge Spy, very nice! I've edited the original post to include some helps and hints for those of you trying to hunt down those elusive secrets. Some of them are tricky, just be glad that my wonderful beta testers reigned me a little on not making those secrets too difficult I'm so glad the storm upstairs was so well received! I spent a fair bit of time very early on in the design getting that thunderstorm put together. It's still in the early phases as far as what to build next. Certainly we'll get some sequels for In Danger of Judgment in which we defeat (or get crushed by!) the dreadful Crushers gang. I've also got a document I wrote up back at the beginning of 2019 with all sorts of missions-in-embryo; that's actually where my ideas for In Danger of Judgment were pulled from, and I'm considering building out another one of those ideas into another 20-30 minute mission, particularly so I can get more practice doing decent outdoor scenes (you'll notice I very purposely avoided outdoors for this first mission ). Also, I've been a little out of the loop with work recently, anyone know if the mission download server is healthy again? If so, I'll have to go off and find the people that can help get this uploaded officially.
  3. Description: The venerated Judge Malffourt lives in a fine house in an immaculate neighborhood of Bridgeport. But rumors have been spreading about Malffourt; something about a bribe? There is only one way to find out... Download Link: https://storage.googleapis.com/krrg-tdm/indangerofjudgment.pk4 Special Thanks to my beta testers for their great feedback! (Bienie, Cambridge Spy, Shadow, VanishedOne, acolyte6) Screenshots Helps and Hints: Author's Notes: This is my first ever fan mission, built over a period of ~6 months. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did building it!
  4. I'm experimenting with adding some fog to a section of the sewers in my FM, but I'm getting an unfortunately sharp drop off between the section with and without fog. Is there a way to soften up the edges here instead of having an unrealistic line?
  5. ?The beta testing forum is now open access, and we've got a nice thread coming along over there.
  6. Hello all! I'm starting beta testing for my first ever mission: In Danger of Judgment. If you're interested, then look for the thread over in the beta testing forum; everyone is welcome! The venerated Judge Malffourt lives in a fine house in an immaculate neighborhood of Bridgeport. But rumors have been spreading about Malffourt; something about a bribe? There is only one way to find out...
  7. Wow, the atmosphere in this was incredible! I did find a very minor modeling glitch in the back of the cathedral where the window model's pillar is...obviously "empty". And finally
  8. Just played this through: brilliant job! The mission was more extensive than what I presumed originally;
  9. Just getting back into TDM mapping again after a hiatus for several months, and I'm have a...total newb question about lighting and those lovely prebuilt light entities. What I'm hoping is that there is an easy way to increase the light radius on entity lights (like candles, desk lamps, gas lamps, etc. that are added as entities). My understanding is that these entities create the light source when the map is loaded...so I don't actually have a light to edit directly. I've tried modifying `light_radius` on the entity's properties with no success (as I sort of expected---my understanding is the entity is not the actual light). Is there a way to modify properties of the light that gets spawned, or do I need to add a model and light separately?
  10. After doing some more searching around, I finally came across a post in 2018 from Obsttorte that provides a few more details: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/9082-newbie-darkradiant-questions/?p=418498 (bold added by me) I'm sort of reading between the lines here, but it sounds like the script referenced used to be distributed as part of the base pk4 file...probably on accident more than on purpose. At some point, the script must have been moved into the mission folder and taken out of the base distribution because it was never intended for general mapper consumption. All the same, after reading through the script, it seems like it would take only minimal modification to work for my case. Previous to the post I linked to, there is some discussion about making this a prefab. Now, I fully admit that I'm coming in completely new to this, but it seems like the only thing stopping this from being a prefab is the one line in `tdm_numberwheel_lock.script` that references the much talked about `closeBar`. Just a cursory glance over the rest of script, and the related `tdm_numberwheel.script`, and it seems like the script is localized (i.e., doesn't reference a hardcoded global name). I wasn't terribly thorough, so someone might correct me on that point. But after all this, I'm left debating whether the combination lock actually fits into my storyline, or whether a simpler key-based safe would suffice
  11. I'm trying to work out how to set up a combination lock, and I'm running into a bit of an odd problem when I try to load my map after placing a `combination_lock_small` in the world. ERROR:Script object 'numberwheel' not found on entity 'idMover_atdm:numberwheel_small_1574'.This is probably just me not understanding how this entity (the `combination_lock_small`) is supposed to work. I was hoping that the combination lock would automatically spawn the numberwheels at runtime, similarly to how a candle holder entity works, but it isn't clear whether that is the case. The error message certainly seems to suggest this, since there is suddenly an entity called "idMover_atdm:numberwheel_small_1574", but maybe there is something more I need to do to get this hooked up? (I don't know if this will help, but I've attached a picture of the entity window for the combination lock)
  12. I've spent the past couple months building my first FM ever (with much help from Springheel's tutorials)! The setting is a judge's well-appointed house.
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