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  1. First off I'm back. I've been over-medicated the last month or so that has caused me to be unable to work on texturing at all, and now I have forgotten most of everything I had learned about texturing. For those that don't remember me, you can check out this post here http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=1996 On that note I would like to say that I am having my medications brought down to the FDA guidlines. When this happens I think i'm going to work on coding for the doom 3 engine instead of texturing. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I would like to wish you all
  2. Hi AtariThief. First off your textures look good, and I really like the reflection you added to one of the textures. They might look even better if you use a photoshop filter. Its called unsharp mask, and you can find it under filter->sharpen->unsharp mask. Contrary to what you might think this filter does, it actually will sharpen up the textures. For example in your first and second pic that you posted, I noticed that they look kind of pixelated. I know they are old textures, but if you use the unsharp mask on those textures the seashells will probably sharpen up a bit. If you d
  3. Thanks for the kind remark Fingernail. That was the first texture that I applied a proper normalmap too. I used the heightmap template method to create the normalmap. There is still some tweaking I need to do like make it tile a little more seamless and play around with the normalmap some more. Also I got rid of the specular heighlights because it made the texture lose a lot of detail. I think that making specular heighlights is actually harder to do than making a nice normalmap, either that or maybe I added to much specularity when I was playing around with the texture last night. What
  4. Thanks again for answering my question BlackThief. For those that don't know I've been talking to BlackThief through PM about general questions about the mod team as well as questions about texturing, and he has always answered my questions in a timely fashion. I think I went and talked about my disease to much and didn't quite leave enough information about me and my passion of playing the thief series (even the third one too), so I'll leave more information now. I started off the thief series with the second one, which I got a hold of the demo when it first came out. I still remember ge
  5. Sparhawk I'm sorry to hear that somebody you lived with who may have been schizophrenic became dangerous at times. I hate to hear bad things about people who have schizophrenia. I know when I was at my worst which was just around two years ago I would become angry and dangerous, not to other people but to myself. For example when a doctor got my parents to hospitalize me, I was actually refused one of my medications that I use to take to help calm me down. So instead of punching the lady I went into the room they gave me and punched the window which at that time I didn't know was security
  6. Thanks for posting a reply to my long post Macsen and Renzatic. Also thanks Macsen for the good laugh about how my brick texture turned out to look like chocolate bricks which I do mean. Also thanks Renzatic for the kind remarks about eventually being good at making textures. I've only recently just gotten photoshop, and doom 3 is the first game I've ever even tried to make a texture for. I don't believe I'll ever be as good a texture artist as most people can be because one thing I lack is creativity. This is mostly caused by having schizophrenia. In schizophrenics there is a lack of c
  7. Note: If you do not want to read the whole thing then skip down to the last paragraph for a summary. First off I want to tell you how impressive your work as a team is. What can I say other than everything I've seen so far looks very professional and I congratulate your team's hard work and dedication. I cannot wait to be able to create my own missions with your tools and look forward to your campaign. Now on to me. My name is Jon and I live on base at WPAFB (Wright Patterson Air Force Base), OH. I am not in the military but my dad is. I currently do not have a job or go to school bec
  8. I'm not so sure this will help, but it might help you in the future. There's a program called CCleaner. Its a free program that can clear out all of your temp files, history files, and cookies all very quickly. I run it once a week and I've gotten it to clear out 280 something MBs of spyware and other crap that you get when using the internet. It also comes with a registry cleaner which will tell you when there is something wrong with an entry in the registry and can actually fix the problems. For example it can tell you if there is an activeX problem in the registry or tell you if you h
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