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  1. Jerboa

    HI GUYS!

    BUMP! this thread. Great work Bikerdude! A 3rd party advocate site verified the name Paul Jones and his address. Also, they were able to get the paypal e-mail address he is using to receive monies from those models. pauljones_5@hotmail.co.uk pauljones(with an uderscore)5 It would be great if we could drum up more people support and responses on this. This too could happen to you. In the event this misfortune does proper info will be available here. I will continue to keep you updated. Ty
  2. Jerboa

    HI GUYS!

    BUMP If a lawyer could donate any spare time. Then that would be great. I'm still researching and contacting other sites. Including the host of his website. I've done a whois and I plan on reporting him to the BBB as well as other advocate sites. Also, micro-soft IE and other browser sites may add him to the scam sites list. Community support would be great. If they also could get involved in the contacting process. Maybe even contacting the site itself and expressing disapproval. Or starting other threads at other advocate or consumer protection sites ect... and so forth. I will keep yall updated and I really appreciate the caring responses. Ty
  3. Jerboa

    HI GUYS!

    I still have the gallows where I left off with it on my back up drive. I'll dig it up to see what state it is in. Real life got in the way that needed my attention. Which left me with very little time to do anything else. I appreciate the kind words about the guillotine. But, it would not have looked as good as it is now with out all the expert advice of the team that was given to evolve it. Im currently involved in another side project. But, if you are seriouse and would like to pick up where I left off. I'll gladly e-mail you it. Also, I have recently discovered that the guillotine we made is being sold by a 3dshop website. I did not give them permission and Im pretty much positive you guys did not either. This also includes the wine press made. Here is the url to the website in question. Guillotine: http://www.3dshop.org.uk/product.php?products_id=112&sessionid=833851bcb17b66a11c1d635b9b7b3ee0 Wine press: http://www.3dshop.org.uk/product.php?products_id=133&sessionid=833851bcb17b66a11c1d635b9b7b3ee0 I have e-mailed them asking to take these items off. But, Ive recieved zero response back. Maybe you guys can better help with this. Also, on that site is a 3d sharpenning stone that an old buddy of mine made. He was the one who got me started with the wings3d modeler that I still use to this day. He was also an advicate for giving back to 3d_chat worlds. By donating models to people to use to dacorate there 3d virtual worlds. All in all any suggestions will be welcomed. Ty
  4. Jerboa

    HI GUYS!

    Im wondering if anybody remembers me?
  5. I've done some more tweaking and went with a suggested wood variant. With gold fangs and fire opal eyes. I am considering changing out the cloth hand grip for a leather one.
  6. No offense taken, crits are important for improvements and works should be counted as a team group effort. I'll take it back into modeler and do some slow poly ramping to see if I can get a more realistic menacing appearance. The modeler I use is wings3d and it does have a tweaking tool.
  7. Re-worked the staff yet again by angling the head down so the eyes will show on a frontal view. Thinned out the staff for a better grasp. Cleaned the textures abit by using precious to semi precious materials such as gold, jade and fire opal. Here is how it renders in-game.
  8. I am still tweaking out this model. I re-shaped it abit to save on polys. Here is the newer version of it in different perspectives. My next effort on this staff will be on the coloring requested.
  9. Tooled around with the textures abit and came up with the following so far. I'll play around with xnormal and see what I can produce as well.
  10. My attempt at the snake staff listed in the modelers master list. This is what I currently have.
  11. Thank you Greebo for the room. I know this is off the beaten path of models on the master model list. But, I had a blast making an ulu/eskimo knife. Let me know if you want me to send it.
  12. Sure thing Greebo. I'll take the map.
  13. What lighting would you recommend then?
  14. Thank you, I was able to implement a guard in the test room. He killed me a few times at 1st, until I fiddled with the settings to make him passive.
  15. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to add a non player character to my test room. Like a peasant or a commoner for sizing purposes. Ty
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