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  1. I've seem multiple mentions of a 64-bit version of The Dark Mod existing, but haven't seen anything available on the public SVN for The Dark Mod. Is it publicly-available? Or is it still in the private SVN?
  2. The updated Daniel_k drivers fixed the crashing issues. Now, the affected missions, while they'll only load with EAX off, they now gracefully crash to the difficulty select screen or, in the case of A Score to Settle, to the main menu with EAX on; when this occurs, all audio is muted within the game - and only within the game - until it is restarted.
  3. I didn't realize Daniel_K'd released a newer version of the drivers today. Thanks for the heads-up! Also, why the heck would I disable the new fast boot system? It makes my computer boot as fast as my smartphone (my OS files are on my SSD)!
  4. Good to know. It would be nice, though, to have the feature disabled so people don't enable it and run into similar problems. It's also good to know that the game uses DirectSound for EAX support. For me, that's as simple as using Creative's ALchemy DirectSound wrapper utility to add support...which actually causes another issue which I had previously encountered on Windows 8, strangely without the need to utilize ALchemy, and am now able to replicate under Windows 10. Same settings as for this issue, but instead of the severe problem I encountered previously, the missions just go back to their difficulty selection screen instead (except for A Score to Settle, which just goes back to the main menu). Also, by OpenAL you wouldn't happen to be referring to OpenAL Soft, which only has a partial software implementation of OpenAL's EAX implementation (referred to within OpenAL itself as EFX)?
  5. I see I didn't add that key detail into my report, as that's the first thing I did after discovering this issue - which, of course, fixed it. Unless EAX support is actually being phased out, my issue is still an issue - the game shouldn't be causing a core OS file to fail with an option available from the in-game menu.
  6. I recently tried running the latest stable version of The Dark Mod (v. 2.03) with EAX support enabled and Stereo selected from the in-game options menu under Windows 10 Pro x64, only to discover certain missions install and let me get all the way to the "Mission Loading" screen, but cause portcls.sys to experience an unrecoverable crash; furthermore, the crash always renders the front two speakers (those used by a Stereo setup) to be permanently muted until I reinstall my soundcard drivers. The only way to resolve this issue is to turn EAX off. My system specifications are as follows: Operating system (OS): Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Processor (CPU): Intel Core i7 4770 @ 3.40GHz System memory (RAM): 24.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 793.1MHz Hard drives: ​Hard disk drive (HDD): 2TB DellHard disk drive (HDD): 1TB Western Digital Solid State Drive (SS): 256GB Dell Video card (GPU): AMD Radeon R9 270 w/2GB memory Sound Card: Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium Fata1lity Professional
  7. I've recently gotten my hands on the new, standalone Dark Mod 2.0, and I must say that it looks and sound absolutely gorgeous and plays fantastically! However, I can max out the settings (except Antialiasing - somehow, I suspect 16x is meant for multi-GPU configs, not single-GPU configs like mine), and while I'm quite pleased with the graphics quality, I still want to push the settings higher still. However, I'm not exactly familiar with the graphics and sound variables used to tweak a game's graphics and sounds for a game based off of the open-sourced idTech 4 engine, so I've tried to find a good guide to help me tweak the Dark Mod's settings - to no avail. As such, does anyone have any advice on what variables and values to use for increased graphical and aural fidelity?
  8. Well that would make things simpler. Do you know if EFX supports EAX5 functionality?
  9. I wouldn't know whether it would or not, but if it doesn't, and there was enough interest to do so, the Wwise Interactive Sound Engine would be an excellent replacement, being a professional-grade, software-based sound engine on par with other such engines like FMOD. Of course, actually integrating Wwise would be a challenge since The Dark Mod, being based on Doom 3's source code, already has its own EAX-based sound engine; therefore, if the old engine was replaced with a radically new one, it would likely break sound design for most, if not all, TDM maps. In regards to liscening Wwise, while its licensing page states the source code to the PC SDK is available for free to non-commercial projects, it doesn't specify whether this includes source code access to the sound engine itself. Also, there is the matter of potentially tying TDM to a specific sound engine which requires an expensive paid license to be purchased should the game go commercial.
  10. I'd be willing to test TDM 2.0. I'd be installing from scratch (don't own Doom 3). System Specifications: OS: Windows 7 SP1 Professional x64 Memory: 16GB RAM Sound Card: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Professional Audio PCI Express Graphics Card: GeForce GXT 560 (driver version 326.41 beta) Maximum resolution: 1920x1080 (can achieve 2560x1440 via downsampling)
  11. I was actually talking about both, so you're good. Thanks to everyone for their responses. They were quite informative, and I learned a lot.
  12. Interesting. If I'm reading all this correctly, the sound system, gameplay-wise, handles sound in a similar way to how Thief II did (with obvious improvements to AI reactions). Is my interpretation correct?
  13. I've been wondering how, exactly, The Dark Mod implements sound gameplay-wise, but my searches haven't yet yielded a good technical answer. As such, I'd like to ask a few questions about The Dark Mod's sound implementation (gameplay-wise): What happens when something which can make noise, like a sword striking a wall, does so gameplay-wise in terms of implementation? Do walls, their thickness, and/or their materials affect what guards and people hear? For example, if I drop an object onto a hard surface, will the guards in the adjacent room hear the ruckus if the wall is just right? Does room size and type affect how far and how clearly sounds can be heard? For example, if I kill a guard in a place where sound would, in real life, carry far, such as a cathedral, will his/her death cry be heard from father away, if only enough to alert guards? If someone knowledgeable with The Dark Mod could please respond to this, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  14. I'd be more than happy to assist in testing the pre-release packages when the time comes. Unfortunately, I don't own a copy of Doom 3, ergo I have never had the pleasure of playing The Dark Mod, including v 1.08. However, for what it's worth, I am quite familiar with the gameplay of the first two Thief games - especially as I own and regularly play Thief II: The Metal Age.
  15. Is there still a need for TDM2.0 beta-testers? If so, I would like to apply.
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