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  1. What a coincidence, I was about to suggest exactly what Springheel described: a two-level blackjacking system similar to the sword.
  2. That's nowhere near as fun though. I think the leader of the "helmets prevent knockouts" camp should volunteer to prove his own theory.
  3. An arch protects whatever is beneath it because it transmits its weight (and the weight of whatever is on top of it) directly into the ground, by which it is rigidly supported. Unless you are wearing a space suit, the helmet is only supported by your head, therefore any force which is not absorbed by the helmet itself (and a metal helmet will absorb almost nothing) will be trasmitted directly onto the skull.
  4. It depends on the type of helmet. The medieval helmet worn by Thief guards is the sort designed for protecting against sword and arrow attacks, which are high in penetration but low in kinetic energy. A heavy blunt object like a blackjack results in a very different form of impact, against which a hard metal layer in direct contact with the skull would provide little protection.
  5. I couldn't even get it to load, it choked on some of my resource files and I couldn't be bothered to go and modify them (particularly since they work correctly in D3Radiant).
  6. OrbWeaver

    Parkan II

    Elite Frontier was the most playable game ever, and it fitted on a single 1.4 MB floppy.
  7. It also depends on whether they are invited.
  8. Saving power and desk space are the major advantages of an LCD. I also perceive my LCD to be brighter than my old CRT, but that may be because the CRT was crap (standard budget Dell offering).
  9. I have heard that a good CRT will always beat an equivalent LCD in image quality and (importantly for graphics professionals) colour fidelity. The issues regarding response time and resolution are not really issues any more - I play games quite happily on my LCD even though it is quite slow (25 ms), modern ones can get about 12 - 15 ms which is more or less unnoticeable. Similarly, modern LCDs are high enough in resolution that intermediate resolutions can be interpolated quite reasonably, although anything less than native won't look good for really fine graphical detail or text.
  10. That was a temporary light, which I think I removed in a later version of the map. It didn't look too bad in game but shows up rather obviously in that screenshot. Anyway, thanks guys - where do I download the mod?
  11. It's amazing that you can trace a single ball all the way down the image, and yet the whole thing is only a few frames long.
  12. That was quick; I'm not even sure those were the best shots. I look forward to improving my mapping skills with your impressive tools, rather than having to re-create everything from scratch (although it's good practice, trying to be a modeller+mapper+texturer all at once involves a fair amount of work).
  13. Cache and banal are both French words. This is a problem I experience when trying to speak or understand French - I can read it OK (with a dictionary to hand), but trying to work out how it is pronounced when a large proportion of the letters are silent is a real challenge if you're not used to it. My father is trying to learn Mandarin and apparently they have different number-words for long thin things, short fat things and so on. I don't know how you're supposed to count something if you don't know what it looks like.
  14. I can see massively popular games like World of Warcraft becoming attack vectors for malware, but smaller games aren't going to be of much interest when stuff like IE still exists with its multitude of vulnerabilities. There is no point in writing a Doom 3 worm when you can write an IE or email version which will infect many more computers.
  15. There is also the far less refined technique where you overwrite as much memory as possible with a chain of NOPs followed by your code, with the hope that at some point in the future, one of the NOPs will be the jump target of a function call which will lead to your code being run.
  16. It's not over 4 GB of RAM that is important, it is over 4 GB of address space, so you can memory-map larger files, or have larger apertures for DMA/AGP/whatever. You are right though it is totally superfluous for home computing, in fact it can quite easily slow things down as you have to deal with 8 byte integers rather than the usual 4 I agree regarding ATI's crappy drivers for Radeons, although I use the Omega Drivers which are a lot better (it solved a major problem I was having with Doom 3 crashing in full-screen game mode if I activated r_showtris on a complex map).
  17. The problem I have with both of them is that in looking at the posters I have absolutely no idea what the film is about. Is it zombies, ghosts, terrorists, or just a film about somebody who gets stuck in cupboards and likes looking at waterfalls? A film poster needs to encourage people to watch the film who may not necessarily have heard of it before. To do this it needs to convey an impression of the subject matter, without giving too much away.
  18. I had a homebuilt Athlon system which ran at 64 ambient, and over 70 when under load.
  19. Just keep an eye on the CPU temp - if it goes above 65 - 70 C, get ready to shut down.
  20. Or you could install ActivePerl or ActivePython and write a very short script to do it in Windows.
  21. Yes they can, myself included (to an extent). And people will still be able to read Welsh even if it is no longer used as a day-to-day language. The point is that a language falling out of mainstream use does not mean that its cultural history will be lost. If your business produces lots of documentation and is required by law to maintain Welsh versions of eveything, there will be an ongoing cost in relation to the employment of translators or native speakers. It may not matter much for a corner shop, but for a large web-based business the expense could be considerable. They already ha
  22. Just like nobody can understand Homer, Virgil and Pliny because nobody speaks Latin or Ancient Greek anymore? I'm sure that will do wonders for the Welsh economy. Has anyone investigated the cost of maintaining a duplicate Welsh version of every resource alongside the loss of simply not trading in Wales? Most people do not want to actively eradicate minority languages, but forcing people to use them simply to keep them in the mainstream is an emotional decision, not a rational one.
  23. There is difference between learning from the past and using that past as the sole reason to continue doing something (or allowing others to do it with impunity), when there is no other reason to do so. Knowledge is power, and humans should be keen to amass as much knowledge as possible, whether it comes from analysis of past events or observations in the present, but the whole concept of "tradition" is an entirely stupid and irrational excuse for refusing to discard outdated practices.
  24. Culture is OK when it is referring to art or music, but all too often it is used to justify inhumanity and aggression. As in, we shouldn't be against beating your spouse/mutilating your children's genitals/the death penalty/creationism because it is "part of [someone's] culture".
  25. Actually a great many people are still running AGP motherboards. Upgrading from AGP to PCI-E basically requires a new PC, and only a hardcore gamer is going to get a new PC just to upgrade their graphics card. It is true that more or less all new PCs will come with PCI-E, but the majority of people running PCs in their homes will not have blisteringly new models.
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