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  1. Well how is it that Milkshape 3D can import the .obj file that is created through Dark Radiant's Scripts -->Export OBJ... but the .obj created by Dark Radiant's File --> Export selected as model... won't import into Milkshape 3d? I managed to get the map into Milkshape 3D.I had to use Noah's Ark's ancient copy of Deep Exploration v1.5 to save the .obj as an Autodesk 3DS .3ds file which was imported into Milkshape 3D and worked.I just have to rename the groups and textures,re-link the textures used and remove the uneccesary groups\faces,create a collision mesh and then export it into ut2k
  2. @LDAsh Can you tell me then how is it that an old version of Deep Exploration which is v4.0 can load the .obj that was created by Dark Radiant's export as model and not Milkshape 3D which is newer?
  3. Okay I finished fixing the .obj file and the .mtl file but it still won't import into Milkshape 3d?Even importing the .obj file into Hexagon 3d v2.5,exporting it back into .obj even .3ds and importing the file into Milkshape 3D doesn't work all.If I export the map in Dark Radiant using the script export the map into .obj it works but the surfaces\faces are not grouped at all but imports into Milkshape 3D. Weird? Just don't know what to do next?
  4. Ok I thought I could download the portable version but no matter on which device I download it it is broken.The darkradiant-2.4.0-x86.portable.7z gives me the following errors in winrar: ! C:\My Documents\darkradiant-2.4.0-x86.portable.7z: Unknown method in bitmaps\active_layer_invisible.png ! C:\My Documents\darkradiant-2.4.0-x86.portable.7z: Unknown method in bitmaps\active_layer_visible.png ! C:\My Documents\darkradiant-2.4.0-x86.portable.7z: Unknown method in bitmaps\arrow_down.png ! C:\My Documents\darkradiant-2.4.0-x86.portable.7z: Unknown method in bitmaps\arrow_e24.png ! C:\
  5. Really sorry about that.My last post came out completely wrong....I know that Dark Radiant can export the map mesh in .obj\.ase format and I know about the fiddle-work in porting over a map from one game engine to another. Atm I am busy working on a map port from Halo:Combat Evolved(PC) of a map called Gephyrophobia using the Game Content Usage Rules - Microsoft_Xbox and I used a 3rd party Halo:CE program that can export the map file, used the option to group the meshes\faces according to texture used. I did have some issues in Milkshape 3D with the map mesh but all of the map mesh has been
  6. I recently sent a pm to Serpentine regarding the something he was going to do why I hadn't sent a pm to him years ago I haven't a clue.Recently I was busy checking some stuff out and I would like to uninstall Quake 4 as the mp side of the game is "heavy "on the laptop and even though I have a MP with .aas bot files so I can play against the AI, it isn't the same so what I decided to do is to try and get those features added to Dark Radiant so I can also save some hdd space when I uninstall the game and the MP app plus .aas bot files. I plan to port a CTF map as well and I have ported the tex
  7. Still got Camageddon II. Haven't played it in a while though Have a ton of custom cars for it plus a few custom routes.
  8. Did you ever get a chance to get the script working? Can you please check your inbox. Thanks.
  9. Well Serpintine said he would cook up something for this.Still waiting for his pm. and
  10. Any word on the fix\feature?Also I have added the normal map to each of the static meshes that is used in the map. thanks
  11. Firstly I think you missunderstood what I meant.I had extracted the .lwo files from the .pk4 files of Quake 4 which are the ones used in the map Q4xdm10.map according to Quark,GTKRadiant,etc...... Then imported into milkshape 3D then fixed up and prepped and exported into .ase format and then I imported them into unrealed where I added the normal textures to each model. I even got the Quad Damage mesh imported,the Mega-Health and normal health imported but yet to get them as proper pick-ups in UT2k4. Regarding the legal issues all I can do is to copy the legalese that comes with Quake 4 and
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