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  1. Fixed in 2.07, thanks guys!
  2. How hard is to intitute a right click in the "new missions" right column menu? Was just thinking, what checks the 'validity' of the "green check mark" ? Its annoying. Not a huge deal obviously but if you could change the state of any item in the "new missions" column just but right clicking. Toggle it checked or not. Like a script that just said, "touch a saved file that doesn't exist and then the game thinks its finished or un-toggle it and say, let's play that again. Maybe a prompt if it goes that way, that says, "are you sure you want to overwrite the save file". That gives the p
  3. Dishonored 2 is 59.99 on steam right now in US. Oh you're in Canada? That should still be the same as any AAA game basically ever costs though when it comes out on Steam.
  4. I got my mic I'll have to dig around for voice scripts. Any links or recommendations on audio cleanup/leveling/etc. in Audacity? I installed it but haven't messed around with it yet.
  5. SSDs from Crucial and Samsung are all I've ever purchased.  My original 60GB Crucial is in its third system (laptop) and has been trouble free for a few years.  Crucial (Micron) and Samsung (along with Kingston I believe) make their own memory so they know its quirks/nuances and how to interface with it.  Samsung of course makes their own controller so... yeah everything in the drive they make which you can't beat.  I think Kingston has occasional issues in their QC dept. so Samsung and Crucial are the only drives I ever recommend to anyone.  So I agree with Bikerdude
  6. I think I'm going to go with the Rode nt-usb. All black, pop filter and sounds good from what I've heard and read. Thoughts?
  7. FWIW, if you can afford a 500GB, get it. If you get a 256GB you'll just wish you'd spung for the larger drive after you've installed 5-6 games + windows cause you'll be out of space (modern game releases). Also, do not partition the entire drive. Leave about 5-8% (your choice, I use 8-10%) of it unpartitioned in Windows setup. Then it performs fine if its full or if it needs to replace bad blocks over time and performance shouldn't decrease with time. So 512GB drive = ~470GB formatted. 256GB drive = ~235GB formatted.
  8. For Win7 http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/19151-windows-old-folder-delete.html Also, has to be run as Administrator or you'll get permissions error. You want to make sure you get all of your /user/_profilename_/documents /photos/ /music/ etc. stuff out of there first and copied/moved over to your new installation prior to deleting. If you have the room to spare it's good to keep it around for week or two just to make sure there's isn't something you forgot to grab.
  9. I'm really curious, how does this system have 10GB of RAM? EDIT: Oh so they have 2x 4GB and 2x 1GB modules? Wierd layout. My only other concern is that the page also states: "Interface: SATA" Doesn't specify SATA II. So an SSD may be capped at 150MB/s throughput. Seems odd that a computer would have USB 3.0 on it and not SATA II. Maybe HP didn't specifiy it was SATA II? It will still be 2-3 times faster than a HDD but not 5x or faster. Seek times will be instant though so, still quite an upgrade.
  10. Seems like the best bet is to get a single seat Enterprise license which runs (i believe) about 6-8$ per month. So 100ish $ per year and you can turn off Telemetry and disable auto updating of drivers at least. Looks to me like this is the only way forward. EDIT: This seems in-line with MS's desire to turn all their assets in to a subscription model. If you want free or one-time fee then you get all the garbage that comes with it so MS can use your info for AD revenue. What are you guys' thoughts?
  11. 1.2 patch added several "Adaptive Resolution" settings which seem to be the entire cause of the problem. Still not completely fixed yet however frames are way better. What's amazing is if I run with Adapt Res ON and set the settings to Perf or ...basically anything, the frames are not as good as with running Native res and all that garbage off which makes no sense at all. Getting between 29-44fps in the same area that was dropping to 13 before. And prior to that I was getting 35-44 in with certain loaded save games. Its just weird. Clearly screwing with the resolution actively is not
  12. Ok. I can get a mic but with Thanksgiving next week, I probably wouldn't receive it till the week after, so yeah. Oh well. Maybe next time I've done impersonations/imitations since I was a kid as a way to entertain myself and others. You never know how you sound till you get feedback so I appreciate that, thanks. I'll look for a mic over black friday sales.
  13. That seems like mis-information to me, stumpy. You have a link?
  14. This is just beyond the docks, no visible water anywhere. Just confirmed this same behavior with the 275.95 drivers. When you come off the docks for the first time, up some stairs at the end, dude hanging out of a ground floor window dead (first blood fly infestation and nests with blood amber intro) with the building behind you that contains the Ruin and the 1st shop. So I get off the boat, frames are low but still fluidish mid to high 30s on the actual docks. I go through the blood fly building, kill everything, FPS are from 50-80 in the building. Emerge on the opposite side on a bal
  15. I personally have much better luck running Maximum frames to render ahead (1) instead of (4) but... my GPU probably isn't able to keep up let alone render 4 extra frames ahead so. On a side note, this game definitely has some hiccups. I can just stand there after loading in past the docks staring at the thoroughfare just beyond the docks and I have 38fps. Not moving, not doing anything. And after about 20-30 seconds of just standing there the frames go nearly all of a sudden down to 13. LOL. After that if I turn and go back in the building, back to 50+ and then go back outside and now i
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