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  1. No, I'm not a troll. I was already a member here before the discussion relating to the poll.
  2. I am not in any battle. I'm a lover, not a fighter. Personally, I like the rules on the Eidos boards. I think they are sensible enough without being OTT. EDIT: To whom it may concern. Absolutely no falsehood from me.... just the usual nonsense from you. Favourites can change over time... and really, only 1pt between TDP and TMA just confirms how much I like these two games in pretty much equal measure. EDIT2: What I stated about Eidos ToU, infractions and bans absolutely is true. If people need to seek clarification on any member they believe was banned without good reason, all they have to do is contact admin. I would suggest the person who is worried here do just that and report back here with their findings.
  3. Yeah, I get you. I can't explain any more than I have. If I've failed miserably; so be it. Thank you both very much... sounds good. Decisions. Decisions. I've yet to finish Thief and I'm off to London for a few days soon but I'm sure I'll be free to fire one of them up not long after. PS. Regarding the person here who insists on creating a nuisance of himself with his usual hyperbole by implying that I lie, people only need to go and check old fan mission threads. I recall asking someone (NH perhaps?) about problems with clunky mechanics and lack of rope arrow. I also remember one mission where a rope arrow finally featured (early days again)... but it kept sticking and couldn't be retrieved. Something like that. Sorry I can't remember the exact details... but I know that history happened; so it is the truth. EDIT: Also, I know of no mod who issues ToU violation penalty or bans people for reasons that are either personal or invalid. Ultimately, it is the user who bans themselves after exhausting all warnings and 100 points. The truth.
  4. I have played more than one. I played a couple back in the day but wasn't that impressed so went back to T1/T2 missions using Darkloader/Garrettloader. So I think my vote is fair. I certainly would like to play one of the more recent missions. Any recommendations? Something close to the first two games would suit me... and preferably with a thieve's highway.
  5. I don't believe people are less critical over there. Have you read the thread? The edit I made added the words "to hear" into my sentence. I'm not saying they care which way I voted. It was the nonsense reasons given for me apparently voting the way I did. Again, all this information comes after the fact and I'm fine agreeing TDM is a game. But for the purpose of that poll, its impossible to vote for it because "it", for me, would depend on the missions played.
  6. Yes, I expect to hear whatever people wish to say. That's what happens on forums and, yes, I'd expect to be called out more here. That's fine.
  7. Why is not informed; given the reasons I stated when I voted? TDM isn't a game to me; but even if I thought it was a "game" at the time of voting, I would still not have voted for it because I would only be able to judge it based on particular missions.
  8. I didn't come here to "defend" any position though... just to explain why I excluded TDM from that poll... and, yeah, I stand by all the reasons I stated. People can choose to agree or disagree; that's fine. I expected as much on this forum, obviously.
  9. EDIT: to AB It is my personal opinion though. I may have barely touched TDM, but I have touched it. As for being a mod; its irrelevant. Plenty of other people share the same view as mine and they're not mods. Take from it what you will.
  10. That's fine. Sorry for that double-post earlier... I had to respond to an edit.
  11. I've explained the reasons for disqualifying in that particular poll, I don't see it as a game compared to the other options.
  12. That quote discusses a game I have never heard of or played.
  13. I need to play each mission in order to vote for them in a poll. Well, I did play one or two other TDM missions way back in the day and I wasn't that impressed... I went back to the T1/2 missions. It was the early days though. If I recall, control was slow and clunky and I don't think there were any rope arrows then.
  14. I haven't played them all... but I have played it.
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