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  1. Just finished this mission! It was just fantastic! The great experience I made in the beginning lasted for the whole mission until the beautiful and satisfying ending. It was one of the best fanmissions I ever played. Thank you very much Moonbo for that!
  2. This mission is so much fun, it's incredible! I'm two hours in and I didn't even enter the abbey because there is so much to explore and I want to find everything, climb every ledge and discover every secret. It's so much joy. Thank you for that!
  3. Do I have to add it? I don't find the line. I only find seta r_fovRatio "0" seta tdm_ai_showfov "0"
  4. Hi! Is there a way to increase the FOV? 10-25% bigger would be great. Or did I miss it in the options?
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