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  1. Bad news. I just downloaded the 16.6 patch from ModDB, and now doors don't work. Ive checked multiple levels, and frobbing doors does not open them. They just stay closed. Or you cant shut them if somebody else opens them. Frobbing itself still works. Its not a keybind thing. You can still frob books and readables. I haven't checked chests. I checked in Training Mission, Sound and Blackjack Training, and Thomas Porter 6 where I first noticed it. I just deleted "tdm_mover_doors.def" from the "def" folder, and doors work again.
  2. That did it! Thanks! Let me know if you get that bug for Hazard Pay fixed.
  3. I wondered if it was just me! It was seeming like it! XD I deleted "tdm_playertools.def" and it worked, btw. So it seems like the error is in that file somewhere. Btw, since we're on the subject of modding your mod, I have a random question. The ONLY thing I don't like about your mod is the way items and loot fly towards the player when frobbed. Is there any easy way to disable that by deleting a file or changing a line that won't break the rest of the mod?
  4. Error happens as soon as I try to load the level. I don't get it. Clean install of The Dark Mod, clean install of your mod.
  5. That did it! The holy water works now. 1 shot, 1 kill. Have you tried playing Hazard Pay with the latest version of your patch? Maybe something got broken. I redownloaded the patch from ModDB and reinstalled it and I still get the error.
  6. Just tried "Hazard Pay" because there's apparently zombies in that, and it wouldn't load.
  7. Oh, Ive thrown like 20 bottles at the regular zombies in the mission, and nothing happens. Doesn't even phase them. Tried to throw them at the skeletons in Dead Drunk just a bit ago and it didn't work there either. Are there any other good levels to test in? Because so far the holy water just doesn't work on anything. Are you sure something didn't get broken in the latest patch?
  8. Ahah! So that's why you made that mod. You're a knock out fanatic like me! XD
  9. Yup. I'm holding the key down to throw. Thomas Porter 6: Lich Queen's Demise. Holy water seems to have no effect at all on any enemies in the level. It doesn't seem to do any damage at all. Any other good recommendations for levels where I could test the holy water out? Levels that are just instant undead fests?
  10. Well as I said, I had a fire arrow. That took care of him just fine, thankfully. XD I don't mind the idea of forced combat, as long as the combat is... well... functional. And very often I feel the combat in this is not. Like Ive said before, I used to take on hordes of Haunts in Thief 1 and 2. It was fun. But I just cannot get the hang of the combat in The Dark Mod so far. One of my very few complaints with it. It would be nice if I could figure out how to do a backstab too. LOL
  11. Hey there! Great mod! Thanks for making it! Only complaint I have is that holy water is still useless. At least in the level I played. 20 bottles couldn't take down a single zombie. Am I doing something wrong or is it just the level Im on or what?
  12. A. Thank you very much for directing my attention to that patch. It fixes several small problems I have with The Dark Mod. B. That video you posted of the combat... I don't get it. I CANT do that. My weapon never seems to make contact with the enemy no matter how close I stand and what direction I swing it from. I swear I just fought a haunt for 5 straight minutes without doing any damage to it.
  13. The blackjacking. Improve the blackjacking. So I don't have to save scum absolutely every time I do it because I know its just a matter of luck whether the guy goes down. As somebody who plays Thief 1 2 and 3 in a manner that involves knocking out everyone and everything that's knock outable on a level, its really jarring how the blackjacking works or doesn't work in The Dark Mod. That and the impossibility of combat and backstabbing are my only complaints with this game.
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