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  1. Don't know if this was reported before, but there is a bugged book in one of the rooms in the main building. I just left the crypts, went down the hallway to the right, and in a small bedroom with books scattered on the floor if you pick up and try to use one of the books it will lock your use controls. Can't drop the book, cant change inventory item, cant use weapons, cant do anything really. I accidentally saved over my game after getting the book, so it compeltely ruined my playthough
  2. Checked Nvidia control panel, nothing looks forced, things are left up to applications. The updater was crashing instantly so I tried a fresh copy of the game, updated, same problem in the game even with default in-game settings. I can get one or two 1 frame flashes on the pre-mission screen, then just black. If I can find any solutions on my own by messing with things, I'll post it.Found the problem (sort of). Alberic's Curse mission was causing the problem. Other missions work fine, but the pre-mission menu for that one mission causes a black screen. No idea why, I'll try uninstalling it and re-downloading it.
  3. I have this issue, the screen goes black after the initial briefing for missions. I haven't been able to pay anything except for the training mission. I use an Nvidia card, there is no options relating to "edge detection".. I guess I could use the work-around of deleting the .cfg every time, but it'd be a giant hassle to rebind all my keys and change settings again. I'm open to any other suggestions, if anyone has any.
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