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  1. sorry for being such a heretic ?
  2. I was thinking more for private use..
  3. Just started this mission, but i really badly want to know how i can get rid of the current zombie and haunt sounds and replace them with the ones from Thief Dark Project, that would make this mission absolutely terrifying and really do it more justice than i think im getting from it at the moment. the stock zombie and haunt sounds just arent scary or loud enough. the old ones were horrifying. anyone know how?
  4. Is there a way to replace the sfx the zombies and hammer haunts currently make with the old sounds from Thief: The dark project. the current sounds just... well they arent scary, the old ones were pretty mortifying, If i could just replace the sounds wit the old ones somehow it would bring about a whole new introduction to fear and caution.
  5. um hey all. I have a saved game that broke itself while i was playing i never quicksave/load because im used to experiencing bad things from that function in many games ive played. but this was a normal save, and id already saved over the file many times in the same mission. I was playing "tears of saint lucia" on the new stand alone 2.0 version of TDM. had saved and loaded the game lots of times within the play time, then i saved it again thinking nothing of it and the game crashed to the desktop but didnt give me an error message it just closed as soon as i pressed save. I re-opened the game and tried to load but i get an error which says IdRestoreGame::InitializeCache Bad Cache offset (1065353216) and now i cant open that save game, which makes me sad because it was my only one. I cant attach it to this post either because the forum says im not allowed.
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