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  1. Tips on making realistic forest ground and not just flat grass?

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    2. demagogue


      Make bumps and dips with patches & use SEED for grass. One issue is that SEED lays grass down in a flat plane, not along the patches. It needs a fix to add a "ground me" feature, which shouldn't be a problem. Tels, the creator, isn't around these days though.

    3. VanishedOne


      Isn't that what the "floor" spawnarg does? http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=SEED_-_Spawnargs#floor indicates it needs the model origin to be at its base, though.

    4. demagogue


      I'm trying to recall the criticism I read. I think it was that "floor" works for brushes but not patches, or patches but not models, or anyway, for some-X but not some-Y, where Y is helpful making bumpy terrain.

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